Go Behind the Scenes at Publishers Clearing House and Meet Erica M!

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes here at Publishers Clearing House? Well, I’m going to introduce you to someone who plays an important role in making all of our fans part of our PCH family. Erica M. is our Senior Marketing Manager for our Social Media department. Erica has been at Publishers Clearing House since October 2016, and as you can probably tell from the photo above, she is responsible for all things social media!

Erica’s team has a very important function—and that is, “letting all of our PCH fans know about all the exciting ways to enter PCH sweepstakes to win, along with what’s going on at PCH!”

So, what does Erica feel is the “secret” to winning a big prize (or any prize!) at PCH?

When it comes to having the chance to win, Erica advises you to make sure you are following all social media sites. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. By checking all of the different social media sites, you will be able to stay up to date on all the ways you can enter PCH sweepstakes, and everything new and exciting happening at PCH!

Erica’s favorite part of her job is reading all of the responses from our fans, and new winners! So when you see us on your favorite social media site (mine is Facebook!) be sure to leave us a comment!

What really inspires Erica about working at PCH?

The incredibly exciting moments that happen when we award our winners with prizes that will change their lives forever.

I hope you enjoyed a look behind the scenes with Erica M. of Publishers Clearing House. Now, don’t forget to take Erica’s advice and keep checking all of PCH’s social media’s sites to stay up to date on all the new and exciting ways to win!

Marissa B.
PCH Creative

P.S. Have any questions you’d like to ask Erica and the Social Media team? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. hey Erica what a great job im hoping o win gwy 8800 and gwy 8035 I want to win a lot than maybe I can help make a winner love the hat

    1ST TO

    🎈I WANT TO WIN!🎈
    PCH #8800

    Joplin, Mo.

  3. Hey Erica I don’t have a Facebook account but I’m in it to win it everyday hopefully I win one day may God bless everyone including you Erica keep doing a great job at PCH love you all for all y’all do to make people life happy

  4. Hi Erica:) Happy Tuesday –
    Nice in sunny down here in Florida.
    Couple of questions for you.
    -When PCH picks the winner, What time do they head out to deliver the GREAT NEWS?
    – What if your not home when PCH drops by? (I don’t get home till around 4:30pm)
    Thank You for all the great Social Media. It’s really makes me feel like I’m part of the team too:)
    Have a wonderful Year ahead – Hope to meet everyone from PCH one day:) God Bless