With $1,000.00 A Day For Life, What Would You Buy The First Week?

The Prize Patrol is ready to award a “Big Check” of $1,000.00 A Day For Life! Yes, a PCH SuperPrize is ready for award next month! You’re probably already planning out how your first week would be if you won! So, we wanted to help you think of ways to plot out your first week as a PCH SuperPrize winner – what would you spend the $1,000.00 a day on? We have a few ideas for you below… and if you have a few more, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below!

Imagining That First Week

It’s your first day as a PCH SuperPrize winner, the Prize Patrol just handed you the “Big Check” and you are jumping with joy with your loved ones! Now, how do you plan to spend $1,000.00 a day for all seven days of that first week as a prize winner?!

Day 1, Friday August 31st: Celebrate With Family and Friends and Have a Huge Party!

Day 2, Saturday September 1st: Buy A Last-Minute Plane Ticket to Anywhere in the World!

Day 3, Sunday September 2nd: Take A Day Trip and Stay Overnight in a Luxury Hotel!

Day 4, Monday September 3rd: Go on A Big Shopping Spree at Your Favorite Stores!

Day 5, Tuesday September 4th: Buy A Big Five Course Meal at a Five Star Restaurant!

Day 6, Wednesday September 5th: Treat Yourself to a Broadway Show, a Movie, a Live Taping!

Day 7, Thursday September 6th: Plan Out the Rest of Your Days FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!

After your first week of living like a Superstar with a “Big Check” in hand, we’re sure you’d be looking to start putting money in the bank (if not earlier). You could rest assured any day of the week knowing that you would receive $1,000 day every day of your life as a PCH SuperPrize winner! And the Prize Patrol is ready to award this life-changing SuperPrize next month … are you ready to win?!

Do you have ideas for more ways that you could spend your prize winnings during your very first week as a PCH SuperPrize winner? You should tell us in the comments section! And for this to become your reality, make sure you are in it to win the “Big Check”.  Stay motivated and enter to win … your life could change for the better!

Good luck!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

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  1. Tengo una muy buena amiga jugando este juego todos los días todas las horas esperanzada por ganar algún premio … para que ? Para poder dar una mejor vida a su hija diacapacitada ya que su casa necesita reparación no apta para la hija menor ella hace lo que puede día a Dia mi Dios quiera que pueda ganar algún premio por que la fe lo puede todo ella pueda ser ganadora de un premio su nombre es blanca Discua aun pienso no le entiende muy bien al juego.

  2. 1.) Get Health Insurance
    2.) Get My Acid Reflux in Control
    3.) Get My Dogs Teeth taken care of. He is My Life and He is a Small Dog. His Breed has Trouble with there Teeth.
    4.) Get My Teeth Fixed
    5.) Get A/C in My Jeep. Its Hot in Fl.
    6.) Pay of a Few Bills
    7.) Take a Long Deserved Vacation. I would go See My Family
    8.) Keep My Faith that I Could Win and Do all of the Above Things….I ❤ PCH…