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14 Great Reasons to Love the PCH App

In full disclosure, I wasn’t all that familiar with the PCH App when I started this article. So, I did my due diligence – got my free download, logged in, and started exploring. I entered a few contests. (Of course, I can’t win but needed to see what happened so I could faithfully report to you, our loyal blog readers.) It didn’t take long to realize point #1 – double entries to every giveaway! That quickly lead to my discovery of point #11 – an easy opportunity to gain another 10,000 bonus tokens. As I explored a bit – played a few games (point #4), checked out the VIP area (point #12), investigated the Daily Prize (point #6) – things became incredibly clear …

If You Use the PCH App, You’d Better Get Used to the Word “Bonus”

Now, if you’re at all familiar with the PCH App, then you just read that headline and said to yourself, “Ain’t that the truth!” And if you’re not familiar with the PCH App, then you’re probably thinking, “I’m interested in bonuses. Tell me more, Russell.” And tell you, I will!

Why You’ll Love the PCH App

  1. 2X Entries to All Sweepstakes, including those that only can be found on the PCH App. Seriously, there are no tricks here – straight-up double entries on absolutely everything.
  2. 10 Bonus SuperPrize entries just for downloading and activating. Really, it was just that easy. All I did was enter my email address and password to log on and – BAM! – there they were!
  3. Up to 10 More Bonus SuperPrize via email. Yup, within minutes of logging on, I got an email with another 10 bonus entries. Like I’ve said on numerous occasions, I can’t win because I’m an employee, but you can see this is getting pretty cool, right?!?
  4. 10X Tokens on Everything – entering a contest, playing a game, scratch card, etc. OK, I admit it. I love TOKENS! Sure, I can’t win but that doesn’t stop me from wanting more and loving it when I get a 10X bonus! See, there’s that word – bonus – again! Spend a little time with the PCH App and you can pretty easily rake in tokens in the hundreds of thousands. I’m sure you already know how valuable that can be when you check out all the great stuff up for grabs in the PCH Rewards Token Exchange.
  5. 10X Bonus Tokens Accumulate with Every Entry; for example:
    Sweeps entered          Tokens Earned            10X Token Multiplier Awards

    1                                 1,000                              10,000

    5                                 5,000                              50,000

    10                               10,000                            100,000

  6. Daily Prize – a new, guaranteed-for-award prize every day, such as valuable gift cards and straight-up cash, to which you can literally earn thousands of entries!

    Something new every day, and always worth winning!
  7. Doubler Alert – a feature that enables you to double the number of entries you’ve earned for the Daily Prize. Keep playing/entering and you’ll see the Doubler Alert a lot.

    Want to gain more entries faster?
  8. Bonus entries to the Daily Prize every time you enter a contest on the Daily Mission circles. “Bonus” – I told you that word would keep popping up!
  9. $20,000 and $40,000 instant-win bonus games after completing each Daily Mission circle
  10. Daily Prize Bonus Entries – 1,000 bonus entries for completing Daily Mission circle 1 and 10,000 bonus entries for completing Daily Mission circle 2. The PCH App isn’t done yet, there still are more bonuses to come! 
  11. 10,000 bonus tokens opportunities – enter a contest on the Daily Mission circle and you’ll get an opportunity to score an additional 10,000 tokens

    Quick and easy, and 10,000 more tokens in my bank!
  12. Exclusive giveaways, scratch cards, and more for both PCH VIPs and VIP Elites
  13. 10X bonus Tokens for every slots game (Did I mention there are a lot of bonus opportunities with the PCH App?!?) 
  14. Free download for both Android and Apple

Plus, the PCH App is a hit with the vast majority of users. In fact, a chart of users’ reviews on the Google Play store shows that 202,716 out of 228,127 users – nearly 90% – gave the PCH App a four- or five-star review.

Wow, I just re-read this article and found that I’ve already used the word “bonus” 19 times (make that 20!) and I still haven’t fully captured the amazing opportunities to collect entries and tokens just by using the PCH App!

As a new fan of the PCH App, I highly recommend checking it out. And if you come up with bonus reason reasons to love the PCH App, just let us know in the Comments!

Russell S.
PCH Creative


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  1. H Russell, this is Sher, I am guilty of being lax when it comes to playing the games, although I love games! I can’t wait now to get going with the PCH SWEEPSTAKES GAMES! Thank you for the heads up! Sheri

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