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PCH Celebrates Veterans Day

In planning what to post in honor of Veterans Day, the team at Publishers Clearing House was just plain stumped. Then one of the staff members noticed the arm of’s Head Art Director Marc Garcia. On it was a large tattoo of the Marine Corps logo. Danielle Bertellotti also became inspired, and remembered that […]

A Big Check and Balloons From PCH – The White House Wish

Distributing Big Checks is second nature to the PCH Prize Patrol. But in a recent White House press conference, spokesman Robert Gibbs was asked his opinion on how the Obama administration’s tax cut was actually delivered to Americans. In describing how such a cut might have been improved he expressed with a twinkle in his […]

Sweepstakes Winners Get the Spotlight in PCH Commercials

Our recent TV campaign showed dozens of sweepstakes “winning moments” culled from our vast archives of videotaped Prize Patrol visits to winners’ doors. Some of my friends complained to me that they really didn’t see me; they only saw the back of my head. “Why didn’t they show your face, Dave?” they asked, referring — […]