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12 Days of Holiday Sweeps At – Starting December 13th

With the holidays fast approaching PCH is launching a brand new site on December 13th which features 12 days of holiday sweeps. Here at Publishers Clearing House we love creating big events that inspire and excite the dreamer in all of us. Of course, the big event we’re best known for is when the […]

A PCH Sweepstakes Prize Leads To A Makeover – Or Two Or Three

Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Prize winner Diana Stone emailed me within days of her “winning moment” to thank the Prize Patrol for delivering a $10,000.00 prize to her Louisiana home right before Thanksgiving. “I’m loving it because even the bank didn’t believe it at first!” said Diana. As longtime head of the Prize Patrol I’ve […]

Besides a Big Sweepstakes Check, What Would You Like the Prize Patrol to Bring You?

The late “Great One” Jackie Gleason had a long-running line that he uttered on virtually every one of his TV shows:  “Ummmmmm: HOW SWEET IT IS.”  He’d roll his eyes as if tasting the most heavenly ambrosia. I’ve seen that expression on the faces of Publishers Clearing House winners when they receive the Big Sweepstakes […]

Happy Thanksgiving PCHblog Readers – What Are You Thankful For?

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because it’s one of the few times every year that my family gathers from all across the United States to spend a few days in each other’s company. Like most holidays, tradition plays a big part. Each year, my family spends the day cooking our […]

Daily Instant Win Opportunities On Bingo Charms

For those of you who have been playing Bingo Charms, you’ve surely noticed the special sparkling fruit at the center of your tree. This mesmerizing fruit is the instant win fruit that grows just once a day giving you the chance to win a cash prize of up to $1,000 instantly. You only get one […]

PCH Lotto – Better Stronger Faster

Recently the PCH Lotto team at PCH was brainstorming ways to make the site better and more fun for players everywhere. While many PCHlotto users love picking numbers and scratching cards to win, some PCHlotto users told us that the site was slow and would lag at times. So naturally the PCHlotto team wanted to […]