Ultra Combo Prize $5000 A Week For Life PLUS $1Million Cash!

I just got back from shopping with my wife – at Costco. If you are not familiar with this chain it’s quite the place to stock up on huge quantities of virtually anything you can think of: food, clothing, household goods, health and beauty aids, appliances, even carpet and vacations. It works best for people […]

Entering Online Sweepstakes Is Like Finding A New Hobby

My wife recently took up the hobby of bonsai, the art of growing miniature trees in containers. It’s an ancient Japanese art form that produces superior results only with inordinate patience and regular attention. A friend of ours has over ninety show-quality specimens of different sizes, all graceful, strong and destined for long lives because […]

Online sweepstakes and Multitasking With Publishers Clearing House

My friends know me as a multitasker. I’m known for watching TV, doing laundry and surfing around the internet. Even my boss noticed that if I wasn’t doing more than one thing, I was off balance! So when people ask me what I did to enter to win the $1Million SuperPrize in 2008, I said, […]