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  1. Thanks so much pch for your conplements on email how you appreciate my performance. Please help me with the winning money I know you send so many forms to me but most of them are not really cleared to me. Please this is my first time of seeing such documents sometimes I get confused please help me clearify them. I don’t don’t want to make mistakes on getting what I deserved as active and loyal member of pch thank you and stay blessed

    Desmond A Nduka

  2. Hi I am blessed I am vavoed i am loved I am a super fan elite member of pch is Guaranteed I want pch team help me about my winnings thank you All pch team

  3. I am claiming $7,000 a week for Life upgrade to 14 thousand a week for life and I’m activating them for transfer and looking forward to being on the Winner’s List in the winter thank you Vicki Conners