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Last Chance to Enter To Win The SuperPrize!

$5,000.00 A WEEK FOR LIFE IS UP FOR GRABS! You were given the one-week warning and I really hope that all you blog readers spent the last week entering! Not even casually entering but entering in every way possible, determined and hopeful that the next big winner could be you! Did you enter? How hopeful […]

Only 1 Week Left to Enter to Win $5,000.00 A Week For Life

Just a couple of days ago my co-worker told you all about the 1 month mark to the $5,000.00 A Week For Life Prize Day. Well, we’re almost at the finish line. Yes, there’s only ONE WEEK LEFT to get in on this incredible lifetime prize! Time marches on and waits for no one! While […]

Today’s the FINAL DEADLINE to enter to be SET FOR LIFE!

We say, “Act Fast!” quite a lot at Publishers Clearing House – to make sure good friends like you don’t miss a single prize opportunity. And today could be the ultimate “ACT FAST!” situation: All entries to win a huge $7,000 A Week For Life on October 21st MUST be received before midnight tonight! I […]

Your LAST CHANCE To Win $5,000 A Week “Forever”!

It’s been said that it’s not the things you DO in life that you regret; it’s the things you DON’T DO. And today, August 23rd, is one of those important days where action is necessary or you could regret it “Forever”! You see, today, August 23rd is your LAST CHANCE to enter to win $5,000 […]