Watch Our PCH Corporate Video For All The Ways You Can Win!

One of our PCH corporate goals is to become America’s #1 destination for play and win fun. Our mission is “to entertain, inspire and delight with winning opportunities, games and relevant, compelling product offers” — 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And this is a mission we couldn’t be prouder to uphold — 365 days a year.

Ever wondered how we accomplish this mission day after day after day? Well now you can get a special look! You’re invited to watch our new 2012 PCH corporate video, which shows all the ways YOU can play and win! I think you’re really going to like it. (I can’t stop watching it myself, and I’m not even eligible to win!)

PCH Corporate Headquarters Lobby

Produced internally by the talented staff here at PCH, the video plays on a repeating loop in our newly renovated PCH corporate lobby. In it, you’ll see that our play and win opportunities are everywhere you are — and that you can connect to us anytime, anywhere.

You’ll see that Publishers Clearing House has expanded beyond our direct mail marketer roots to become a leading multi-channel provider of digital play and win content. When you went online, so did we, with, PCHSearch&Win, PCHGames, PCHLotto, PCHslots and more. When you went “mobile,” we did too, making sure you could connect to your favorite PCH sites anytime, anywhere from your phone. When you went “social,” we were there also, keeping you informed on Facebook, Twitter, and my personal favorite, the PCHBlog!

And we’re going to keep on going and growing, always keeping our PCH corporate mission in mind. Because wherever we go, whatever we do, the most important thing to us is giving you what you want. Like play and win opportunities! Savings! And of course, fun!

And remember, it’s all right at your fingertips. Whether you’re relaxing at home, or traveling by train, you can still play and win with PCH anytime, anywhere.

We hope you’ll enjoy the video!  Let us know if you have visited all of our sites or if you learned about a piece of our play and win world you never knew existed. And as always, if there’s anything else you’d like to see from us, please comment about that, too.  For our fans, the sky is the limit!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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Mrs. A.T. said...

PCH, I loved the video. I do everything on it, except not on a mobile device. I want to win and I take all the chances I’m given. Thank you for this. I also love the games, the social aspect, and these blogs. Thank you again, I do appreciate it!


    Dear Mrs.A.T.,

    Hi how are you and ALL of PCH.PRIZE PATROL? Fine I hope I JUST LOVE The video,it really helps us to understand some of us have need to see it before we get it ,ha ha!!just wanted to say thank you for all the fun and good times. I REALLY do enjoy them on and

Lily Skinner said...

Thanks Amanda! We do appreciate All the Advice and Direction that YOU provide!!! Have a great day!


how many ways can you enter I’m Entering By Mail, and Also Online Entries do i have a Choice.

    Victoria At PCH said...

    Hi Michael,

    Each kind of entry has the same chance of winning. You do not have to submit both mail in and online entries if you do not wish to. You may also phone in an entry by calling us toll-free at 1-800-645-9242.

    Victoria At PCH

Joseph Ralph said...

Appreciate Amanda and i love the video! thanks 4 the heads up always

Georgina Turner said...

Amanda C.
PCH Creative;
The PCH Corporate video is a huge delight and very informative, I love the music from the video; it grabbed my attention from the very start of video. Thank you for sharing such a great video and giving your fans so many different opportunities to win.

Michaela said...

Aloha Amanda C.,

I love your new commercial and PCH branching out to have a website. Thanks for showing it to all of us on the PCH blog and YES, YES, YES, it is a great way of sharing new things with all of us that enter I try to play and enter every day on the website, it is just a lot of fun and I love it!!!! I hope, pray and dream of winning BIG at PCH!!! I am sure you will have more people sign up and playing and entering once you show this new TV commercial for the PCH website. Good luck with the new commercial!!!


Kanika Loeung said...

Its so cool! Your PCH Corporation Video are very great! You shown us all the way we can win and add with music its make me feel like something get stuck in my throat and I almost get tear because I’m so excited. I’m glade that I believe PCH and follow all multiple entries. My job or my activity is to enter sweepstakes everyday, I have had so much fun with entries Giveaways; games; Lotto; PCHfan; Comment Blog; and PCH Tips, etc. Thank you for give me an opportunities to enter your sweepstakes. Publishers clearing House is best of the best!
I pray and try every single day to change a better life. Hopefully I wish, my dream will come true!

Colleen Carston said...

If I was 2 win that 5,000 a week I would donate sme 2 tha church every week. Then I save sme 2 buy mom & I our own land & me pay cash 4 me a trailer house. And I would also buy my church a van, stove, and hve central air and coolant. Pay my mom debts, my pastor, & mine. That way mom won’t hve 2 work anymore. Buy me a cheap car, cause im tired depending on people. That would help me out alot cause im a single parent & its hard, if it wouldn’t be 4 my mother dnt know where my daughter & I would be. I just wanna gve back 2 tha people that helped me. May GOD bless me 2 be tha winner. Im tired of seeing my mother struggling like she do. Not knowing if she gonna have enough money 2 pay 4 this & that. But she always tell me GOD will provide. One tme we didn’t hve any more money 4 groceries, and mommy kept prayn and GOD supplied our needs. God if its meant 4 me than its meant 4 me.

DeLayne Perry said...

WOW~!!! PCH Corporate Video..! Way to go… That was grrreat~~~~ Fantastic work putting that video together ~ waaaayy cool! Yes, there are so many ways to enter all the time. I spend a lot of time on PCH. Actually more than I want to admit. Let everyone say I’m nuts or hey, “whatever” I still keep trying and trying … why? because I believe one day my doorbell will ring and when I open it, I will see Dave, Todd and Danielle standing there with Lucky, balloons, roses & champagne! I LOVE PCH & The staff I have communicated with are the BEST!

Gloria Lewis said...

Enjoyed the video. You really have a great technology team that puts something that good together.

rosemary nadolski said...

love it…love it love it i am a fan of all these pages . i think everyone a winning when you use pchgames pchlotto and pchsearch&win ..ect to name a few ,
all your site are the best if you use pch online service your always a winner even if you dont win a prize… your the best online service.. thank you for all the fun..!!!!!:)))))))))))))))) me.