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You Could Win Extra Cash for Spring Break with PCH!


It’s that time again–time for you to break free of winter’s grip and book a fabulous spring vacation! I have an 18-year-old nephew who’s dying to experience his first Spring Break. Excitement is calling, the lure is irresistible…but, as he puts it, he’s got “cash flow problems.” If you too are dying to get away, you might be thinking up ways to get extra cash for a fun spring bash! But you know what? Money problems could be a thing of the past if, just for fun, you’d just ask yourself (like Dirty Harry), “Do I feel lucky?” If you do…

That Big Adventure may be just a click away! For 45 years, Publishers Clearing House has been helping lucky winners across the country launch their vacation dreams through Sweepstakes Prizes. Imagine how you’d react if our famous Prize Patrol rolled up to your door with a Big Check…made out to you! What would you do with a “lucky break” windfall? My nephew would hit the beach scene in Cancun. I’d book a first-class flight to Orlando for my nearest and dearest! Unfortunately, as a PCH employee, neither I nor my nephew is eligible to enter the sweepstakes. But I bet YOU ARE! So…

Isn’t it time you made your Spring Break dreams come true? Here at PCH, we make it fun and easy to enter and WIN! On, it only takes a minute to submit your entry for our dream-come-true sweepstakes– $5,000.00 Every Week  For Life! Enter today and every day through May 21st, and you could win a SuperPrize® on May 31st! Now THAT would be the party of a lifetime!

Seek , and you could find…extra cash! Did you enter yet? Great! But wait. There are plenty more opportunities to win extra cash at Publishers Clearing House. While you’re debating which travel destination to visit, why not use PCHSearch&Win  to learn about your dream resort? Attractions, concerts, sporting events, shopping, even where your favorite celebrities hang out! And when  you search with this powerful Google-Bing-and-Yahoo!-driven tool, you’ll get chances to win that day’s prize!

Winners have more fun! Since you’re reading this blog, odds are that you enjoy playing games of chance as much as I do. But why waste gas driving to your convenience store for tickets when you can sit right there in your favorite easy chair and play PCHlotto? It’s FREE and EASY…and you may win FAST CASH! There are lots of ways to play, so check it out today. Who knows? You could hit the jackpot, making Spring Break that much more awesome!

Come for the games–Stay for the prizes! If you kill as much time as I do playing online games, why not give PCHgames a try? Not only will you get to play FREE games, but you can use the tokens you earn to Win Prizes!

Remember to visit, PCHSearch&Win, PCHlotto, and PCHgames every day for your best chance of winning extra cash which you could use for Spring Break! In the meantime, we’d like to know which vacation destination you dream about visiting, and why.

Here’s wishing you your biggest “Break” ever!

Joyce W.

PCH Online Creative

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