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  1. jimmy says:

    Win it all. Are smartphone as prize.

  2. Rafe Mack says:

    Yes I like to activate my funds secured for payment gwy no 4900 Thank you PCH

  3. Gary Pecoraro says:

    Pch “Forever” For Life! “Reconsider”? Never in My Life time, “Forever” For Life! PCH is a Dream of a Life Time! THX PC252 ActNow …

  4. Gary Pecoraro says:

    4504 W. Continental Dr. Glendale AZ 85308 IN the Month of February the 12th Day ! 1954 Gary Pecoraro and if you call me? (602) 688-1801 Big Checks are a nice treat! In it to WIN and Maybe Win It All. “Forever” and For Life! Introducing me to the DREAM OF A LIFE TIME!

  5. Jimmy caba says:

    344Washington st. providence R.I. 02903 Jimmy caba(09-12-1964)disabled with heart upon with heart with house.

  6. IM IN IT TO WIN ” BIG CHECK”” WIN IT ALL” ON NOVEMBER 25th.What happens if i have no home to live in when the Prize Patrol tries to deliver my ck ? My Birthday is Nov21 IT WOULD BE THE BEST BIRTDAy Gift Ever!!!! like the Biggest SweepStakes Ever Rewarded!

  7. Sherrie Anne Preston says:

    Show me the money

  8. I tried to clean my prize and even called pch trying to get help more then once but I was told I didn’t win anything, also explained that I’m new to all this and tablets and did not know how to use them, The bad part is I did get someone acting as you on the phone and said I needed to pay them to get my winnings. I pray you all will believe this cause I’m really upset that I am losing my chance to win whatever it was. I’m gonna try one last time to find where to cleam this prizes. Please feel free to call my home#731-393-0253. Even my cellphone won’t ring now for some reason I can’t explain. Sincerely Wilfredo D. Rivera Address 90 Kay Ave, McKenzie, Tn 38201 I also had problems with my email address and password.

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