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Mega Prize Giveaway Day: A Behind-The-Scenes Look!

Hey Everyone!!

Today is Wednesday, November 30th. Do you know what that means?

The Prize Patrol is out on the road, RIGHT NOW, in hot pursuit of our FIRST EVER November 30th Mega Prize Winner! WOW! YES, today a lucky winner will be presented with $1,000,000.00 On The Spot PLUS $5,000.00 A Week For Life.

If you guys think you’re excited to see who the winner is, just take a peek inside, and see what it’s like here at Publishers Clearing House Headquarters, in Port Washington, NY.

I looked to my left and my colleague, Francine L., was frantically calling Deborah Morrison, of our contest department, to see if she could find any information on the November 30th Mega Prize winner…

Who won the Mega Prize?

“I’m sorry, but we can’t reveal any information regarding the winner,” said Deborah. “We want to make sure the lucky winner is as surprised as can be!”

The next thing I know, Elliot M. from the Creative Department, bursts into the room…

“I have one thing to say to our new Mega Prize winner: Let the party begin!”

The commotion and BUZZ here at PCH is like never before!!

Could you imagine the seeing Dave Sayer, Danielle Lam and Todd Sloane pull up to your driveway with flowers, balloons, champagne and the all important “Big Check”? What would your reaction be?

What would your winning moment look like?

 I’d love to see it captured and framed on the wall of Conference Room C with all our previous Prize winners.

Who will be the Mega Prize winner?

Did you know EVEN YOU could keep in touch with the Prize Patrol? If you “like” our PCH Fan Page and Danielle Lam’s Fan Page on Facebook, you can get hints about where they are as they make their way to the winner’s home. Sometimes they’ll report what the weather’s like or post fun facts about the state. Just follow the clues and who knows, maybe Todd, Danielle and Dave will be describing what the weather’s like around your home!

Good luck and stay tuned…

Matt S.

PCH Creative

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