Beware of Publishers Clearing House Scams!

Hello, Friends and Fans,


We at Publishers Clearing House want to bring all of you a very important message today – one that we cannot emphasize strongly enough. Please be aware that there are scammers out there claiming they represent Publishers Clearing House. Unfortunately, these scams are especially prevalent right now – when the real PCH is about to award one lucky individual a life-changing SuperPrize.

As much as we try to warn unsuspecting individuals about the difference between the real Publishers Clearing House Sweeps and an illegitimate scam, we too often learn about good, honest folks like you going through some unfortunate experiences. That is why we would like to alert you to 4 important warning signs to be aware of to help you spot the scammers and their deceitful tricks.

 How to Spot Publishers Clearing House Scam

payme1. If someone contacts you claiming to be from PCH, and tells you that you’ve won a prize award – then asks you to send a payment or money card in order to claim the prize – STOP!  You have not heard from the real PCH. IT’S A SCAM! At Publishers Clearing House the winning is always free and you NEVER have to pay to claim a prize award.



email2. If you receive an email notifying you that you have won a major prize in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes, DON’T BE FOOLED: IT’S A SCAM! Publishers Clearing House does NOT send e-mails notifying consumers that they have won a major prize. If you win a major prize in our sweepstakes (like our February 28th SuperPrize), you’ll know when the Prize Patrol shows up at your door with the Big Check.



2_25_Phone Scam3. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House and are asked to send money, pay a fee or pre-pay taxes to enter, collect or claim a sweepstakes prize, DON’T BE FOOLED: IT’S A SCAM!  You have not heard from the “real” Publishers Clearing House. The call you received was most likely from a fraudulent sweepstakes scam operation. Again, at Publishers Clearing House the winning is always free.


friendrequest4. If someone from Publishers Clearing House sends you a friend request on Facebook, DON’T BE FOOLED: IT’S A SCAM!  The Prize Patrol will NEVER send friend requests to you on Facebook. Moreover, the PCH Prize Patrol members (Danielle Lam, Dave Sayer, and Todd Sloane) never send private messages on Facebook. In addition, PCH does not notify its winners through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media website.


These are the ONLY legitimate Prize Patrol pages on Facebook:

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol
Dave Sayer PCH Prize Patrol
Todd Sloane PCH Prize Patrol

For more PCH Facebook scam prevention tips, please watch this video from Prize Patrol member Danielle Lam.

If you feel you have been the victim of a Publishers Clearing House Scam, please contact us at our toll-free number 1-800-392-4190. Anyone who believes they have received a suspicious email using our name and logo may forward it to our fraud-reporting mailbox,

And don’t be embarrassed to report anything suspicious – the scammers have even tried to fool our own employees!

As always, you should always verify the information in any winner notification you may receive before making any risky moves. And if you ever have any questions, let us know! We’re more than happy to help!

Stay safe everyone, and good luck on February 28th, when we announce our next SuperPrize winner!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

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101 thoughts on “Beware of Publishers Clearing House Scams!”

  1. Michelle Baker says:

    My name is Michelle Baker( I use my nickname Micky) on face book. Today, this morning to be precise I went into Pch to do my entries like I have been every morning and found this woman, Mrs. Sandra Guillotto 304 East Dr. Iberia, Louisiana Signed onto my page . I exited out and signed back in . I have been trying to do my entries and they are not showing as “Confirmed”! I don’t know this person and don’t understand how she could come up on my page when I am signed in. Please explain. Thank you Sincerily Yours Michelle Baker

  2. Jim Riordan says:

    they are at it now. The caller from 214-447-7104 (Dallas Texas number) represents themselves to be with a law firm and want to arrange PCH winnings.

    1. William Kenendy says:

      You are right! Got the same call a week or so ago. Lady asked me to sit down as she had some really good news. You know the rest. Said to be home on Monday of the next week between 9 and noon so their messenger could stop at the house and hand over the check. Never showed so we left for a vacation we had planned all summer. While we were gone the second call came in and the number was recorded on our phone. I’d really like to get my hands on that person.

  3. Laura says:

    I am sick of the scam of pch they say you won some money it seemed so real they had a picture of Todd sitting at the computer and showed some pictures that I have not seen on Facebook and this guy is calling me at area cod 513

  4. phil chiu says:

    my wife was contacted by a person calling herself danielle lam she said she won 1 million dollars and a new car but needed to pay tax on it .410.00 in the form of a card. she was on her way to the house. after talking with me and mentioning state police. we were quickly unfriended and never heard from ms lam again. beware they are out to hurt hard working people like us.

  5. Chele says:

    I just got an email, and it reads as such…” All participants were selected through a balloting system which has been drawn from ninety thousand stores from Canada and the United States; upon using your credit card(s) and debit card(s) at various stores, your name is automatically entered into the draw. Please contact the Publishers Clearing House Office located at Port Washington, NY; and speak to your Agent who will advise you on how to claim your prize through THEGLOBAL TRUST FUNDS. This prize will be released to you by your agent
    (MR, GIBSON ATKINSON), at, 1-516-515-7941(
    So sad tht someone will fall for it.

  6. Teresa says:

    Not happy, they just called and spoke to my husband…ensuring him he won $8,000,000. He called twice, then I got mad and confronted him (over the phone),he told me his line was linked to the FBI (LOL), now I am doing a line trace and calling the sheriff’s department in hopes of catching these criminal idiots!

  7. Debby Tyson says:

    Foreigners calling from Jamaica (876) 321-1051 called my elderly parents to inform them they’d won PCH $1.2 million, then tried to get them to pay $140 for a “gold stamp” to avoid the “state-to-state tax.” UPS would be delivering their check today from Washington, DC. When I got on the phone, he was belligerent and eventually hung up on me. They had the nerve to call my parents back several hours later and tell them not to tell me! Can’t someone stop these people?!

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