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Airport Security and Rental Car Agents Recognize Us

“Do You Really Work There?”

I suspect airport security and rental car agents (especially in the bigger cities) are used to dealing with celebrities trying to go unnoticed, but when the PCH Prize Patrol goes anywhere, we’re recognized immediately! The initial reaction is the same from almost everyone we meet. You watch their eyes as they slowly gaze down at the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol label on your jacket. Sometimes they look up and acknowledge you right away with a big smile, and other times they act like they don’t see it and then casually ask if we “really work there” a minute into the conversation. Either way, it’s fun waiting for them to notice!

And of course we get asked very often, “Are you here to give ME some money?” “Well, we do have to pay for the van …” we might jokingly respond if it’s a rental car desk. But actually, we usually ask them if they’ve sent in a contest entry. If they have, than they might be our Publishers Clearing House winner! It would certainly save us time searching for the winner at home, although I suspect we’d pick up the roses and balloons nearby and catch them by surprise another time later on! And if they say they haven’t entered, we encourage them to—and secretly wonder why they think they’ve won if they haven’t entered!

Prize Patrol van Sean B

You see, it’s a simple fact really: 100% of the people who don’t enter, don’t win. So whether or not you work at an airport or a rental car desk or anywhere else, make sure you keep entering every chance you get! It’s easy to enter PCH online at PCH has prize drawings all throughout the year and even every day online at PCH Search & Win.

With a little luck, maybe YOUR gaze will soon gravitate down to the label of a Prize Patrol jacket—and maybe you’ll look down to see us holding a Big Check for the Publishers Clearing House Ten Million Dollars InstaPrize with YOUR name on it!

Happy entering!

Sean B.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputy

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