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Cash Sweepstakes Prize in Columbia, SC TV Viewing Area

A fond memory for us is when we surprised $10,000 cash sweepstakes winner Henry Wilson in Sumter, SC a little after 11:00 in the morning this past Veteran’s Day. His entire family was home to welcome us for the prize award because it was a holiday. Henry smiled from ear to ear when we told him of his good fortune, and we could hear wife, son and daughter yelling excitedly inside the house.

A few moments later, Henry’s wife, Utreena, joined us outside the front door and began calling family and friends on her cell phone, who at first thought she was joking. The son of the Publishers Clearing House winner loved the Big Check and held it up for the neighbors to see, who all waved or honked as they drove by.

Henry told us he’s been entering the PCH Sweepstakes for 15 years and began sweepstakes entry on about a year ago. He always had hope that one day it would be his turn for a big cash sweepstakes win. The prize award was very timely for the Wilsons as they desperately needed a new stove and their lists for family Christmas shopping were looking pretty meager before the arrival of the PCH Prize Patrol.

We were glad to spread some holiday cheer to this delightful family!

Keith B. and Brian T.

PCH Prize Patrol Deputies

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