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Radio Contest Gave Me The Thrill of Winning

Have you ever tried to win something in a radio contest? I have, and my experience has usually gone something like this: I scramble to dial the number only to be greeted with a busy signal. So I try again repeatedly only to hear the same blaring tone — you know the drill.

That is, until just a few weeks ago when I responded to a contest at a local radio station … and the phone actually rang! I couldn’t believe it! Then the most amazing thing happened — the DJ picked up and confirmed that … I WAS A WINNER!

Yes, I loved that winning feeling! But in my excitement, I hadn’t paid attention to the prize. I wondered what would I win? Concert tickets? A chance to meet a famous rock star? Dinner at a chic restaurant?

I ended up winning “Top-Chef Season 5” DVD set – not exactly what I’d envisioned, but still cool!

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Want to experience the thrill of winning? Sure, you could try to win a prize from a radio contest – but I think you’ll find the PCH Online sites are much more fun!

Good luck!

Elaina R.

PCH Online Creative Department

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