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Halloween Prize Winner Touching Story

Halloween Prize Winner Jeff and Jinji welcomed the Prize Patrol into their home, offering us cupcakes and coffee…what a treat!

PCH $100000 Halloween Prize Winner Jeff Jones woke up to a real treat!

As the newest member of the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol, I am proud to share my story of the $100000 winning moment of Jeff Jones from Attleboro Massachusetts. At first we weren’t sure if Jeff was home when we rang the doorbell and nobody answered. Poor Jeff was sleeping …but what better way to be awakened unexpectedly than having the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol at your door carrying champagne, balloons, flowers and the signature BIG check of $100,000! “You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said while receiving the oversized ceremonial check. “You fill these things out in e-mail and you see them on TV. You wonder if they are real or not.” Jeff’s fiancé Jinji French was there to share in the excitement saying “It’s awesome. It’s something that we have needed for a while.”

Halloween prize winner J Jones Attleboro

Jeff’s winning entry came from PCH Search & Win which he uses daily while searching for everything from sports stats to puppies. Winning the $100000 Halloween Prize from Publishers Clearing House was a pleasant surprise that was well deserved for the 31-year-old Jeff Jones. At the age of 3, Jeff was treated for Leukemia. At the age of 9 he had a tumor removed from his ear. His hardships were not over yet. In 2005 Jeff suffered second- and third-degree burns over his body after a spark ignited a bucket of gasoline while he worked on a car with his younger brother. In an attempt to put out the fire and save his family, he was burned. Due to his injuries and ongoing surgeries, Jeff has been out of work since the accident. Even with the hardships Jeff has encountered in his life he remains upbeat even joking with us saying “Next time call in advance, so we can be ready.”

Halloween Prize Winner Jeff and Jinji welcomed the Prize Patrol into their home, offering us cupcakes and coffee…what a treat! The crew also received a warm welcome from the couple’s three puppies – two shiba-inus named Pumpkin and Ginger, and a 3-month-old pug named Harley who had a particularly fun time with the Publishers Clearing House balloons!

Local press covered the Publishers Clearing House prize award in Attleboro MA and the Attleboro Patch blog included a story about Jeff Jones, the Halloween Prize Winner, too.

I couldn’t have asked for more touching and rewarding start to my Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol job. Good things happen to good people, and Jeff Jones certainly deserves this. We are so happy for him and wish him the best of luck with the rest of his surgeries. He will forever be in our thoughts. CONGRATULATIONS JEFF JONES, our PCH Halloween Prize Winner!


Danielle L.

PCH Prize Patrol

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