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Free Sweepstakes From PCH Are Easy to Enter

In the movie “Parenthood” the Keanu Reeves character says “You need a license to catch a fish, but anyone can become a parent.” The ironic implication is that, in actuality, it takes careful preparation and loving dedication to successfully raise a child; but one can simply drop a fishing line in the water and pull up a whopper. Entering a free sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House is even easier!

There’s a parallel thought that occurs to me – that is worth mentioning on this PCHBlog which is all about winning: You might need a special education, hard work and some connections to make a million dollars on Wall Street; but with luck anyone who enters the free sweepstakes from Publishers Clearing House has the chance to win a million dollars.

Now that’s what I’d call good news for the millions of folks out there who would surely welcome the arrival of the PCH Prize Patrol at their door and the delivery of roses, balloons, champagne and a Big Check! I can assure you, based on my decades of getting to know hundreds of wonderful sweepstakes winners, it takes no special experience or talent to win our SuperPrize.

But if you want to win there is one particular action that IS required: You MUST enter the Publishers Clearing House free sweepstakes. “If you’re not in it, you can’t win it” – it’s as simple as that.

Persistence helps too. Enter our sweepstakes often which is easy to do at

And remember: besides huge cash prizes, there’s always something new at Publishers Clearing House’s growing network of websites. You can entertain yourself at PCHgames, win more prizes at PCHlotto, conduct an online search at PCHSearch&Win, see exciting PCH “winning moments” at, and find great deals on magazine subscriptions and merchandise at

Enjoy, and good luck!

Dave Sayer
Executive Director

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