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Online Sweepstakes Winner Gets A $10,000 Thanksgiving Treat!

The Thanksgiving holidays are a time for giving, and as the newest member of the Prize Patrol I couldn’t have been more excited to give $10,000 to the Online Sweepstakes Winner Lou Lacerra of Ridgefield, CT!  Lou and his wife Ann were in the middle of doing renovations on their house when their St. Bernard and Bulldog noticed a strange van coming up the driveway.  When looking outside to see what all the commotion was over, they couldn’t believe what they saw.  Much to their surprise, that van was the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol getting ready to deliver a big $10,000 check!  

This money is just the glimmer of good luck the Lacerra’s needed since Lou has been out of work since June.  While his wife Ann was out working at the pre-school she owns, Lou would be home job hunting…and entering the Publishers Clearing House Online Sweepstakes every day!  The couple was overjoyed, exclaiming “This is the biggest thing either one of us has won in our lives.  We’re un-lucky people….until now!”  The $10,000 online sweepstakes winnings will help pay some mortgage payments, a stressful task due to Lou’s current work situation.  The couple is relieved to be able to treat their two boys to holiday presents (though they joked about keeping it a secret since “teenage boys will want a million things!”). 

Online Sweepstakes Winner Gets A $10,000 Thanksgiving Treat!

Ann and Lou have been entering the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for as long as they remember, but Lou’s winning entry came from a PCHLotto email.  The Lacerra’s were anxious to show off the big $10,000 Publishers Clearing House check at Ann’s Pre-School to prove to everyone that “they’re real!”

The Lacerra’s boisterous personalities are a Prize Patrollers dream!  The couple welcomed us into their home with open arms, wished us a Happy Thanksgiving, and gave us big hugs before we left.  Thank you Lou and Ann for believing in Publishers Clearing House and making this $10,000 Online Sweepstakes winning moment a truly memorable one!


Danielle L.

PCH Prize Patrol

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