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Use Online Store Shop& to Put That Extra Holiday Cash to Good Use

Have you tried Shop& yet – the newest online store from PCH?

Now that the holiday hustle and bustle is past us, it’s time to take a moment to relax and enjoy some of those gifts you may have received. I personally have always enjoyed the simple and useful gifts because the gifter usually spent the most amount of time thinking about what I’d like. Plus, I find that the simple gifts always end up being the most useful because I use them on a daily basis!

Like me, you may have gotten a present or two that you need to return because it didn’t fit quite right or may be something you already have. Or maybe you had a little budget left over from some of the great deals you may have found on Black Friday using Some of you may have even received a gift card that’s itching to be spent. Either way, if you’re looking for inspiration on where to spend the extra cash, PCH has the answer and it’s called Shop& You can visit our newest online store to find amazing deals on merchandise ranging from home goods to jewelry to electronics and even the magazines and books. Plus for a limited time if you spend $50, you get $10 off and free shipping!

The best part is that shoppers on Shop& can win prizes just for browsing this online store. That means that you could win a prize just for looking around Shop& Prizes include gift cards to a wide variety of restaurants and retail stores plus featured daily prizes.

Whether you regularly use PCHGames, PCHSearch&Win, or, why not give Shop&Win a test drive – you may just find that perfect gift that you were hoping for!


Frank @ PCH

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