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I love online games, especially when they are easy to pick up. That can definitely be said for PCHgames Pyramid Solitaire Online Game.

What is Pyramid Solitare? As the name suggests, your cards are set up in a “pyramid” in a random order. The object of the game is to remove all the cards by pairing them up to add up to the number 13.

If you do not see any pairs immediately, don’t despair! There is a pile of cards you can draw from to help clear the game board. Even if you get stuck, you can use up to two more “draws” to give you a fresh pyramid board. Decide on your strategy early, and you could wind up with a great score!

(Gamer tip: The King’s value is 13, and can be removed with a quick click!)

In short – Pyramid Solitaire online is quick, fun and addicting.

Make sure to log in or create a profile so that you can redeem your tokens!! My highest score so far is 1035. Do you think you can top it? It just takes two minutes and thirty seconds to play!

There’s no better time than now to hone your skills, because PCHgames is hosting a Pyramid Solitaire online tournament tomorrow, January 12, 2011. The top three scorers in tomorrow’s tournament will receive cash prizes of $1,000, $500 and $250. Plus the top 25 scorers in the Pyramid Solitaire online tournament will receive 1,000 bonus tokens. Not to mention that all players will receive 10x bonus tokens for each Pyramid Solitaire game played!

Make sure to check the PCHblog tomorrow for more information about the Pyramid Solitaire online tournament. You may even find some extra tips from the PCHgames team on how to play Pyramid Solitaire.


~Natalie Bostelman

2008 SuperPrize Winner

PCH Goodwill Ambassador

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