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$1 Million Sweepstakes Winner – Karen Anderson

Yesterday the PCH Prize Patrol took to the road to deliver a life changing $1 Million to one lucky sweepstakes winner by the name of Karen Anderson. Luckily, the Prize Patrollers, including Danielle Lam, Todd Sloane, Dave Sayer and Natalie Bostelman, had no issues getting to Bella Vista, Arkansas where Karen lives. Things went so smoothly that they even found time to drop some hints about their location via the PCHPrizePatrol twitter feed and through their Facebook profiles (Check out Danielle’s profile here)! The first hint came as a quick early morning video of Danielle Lam in the hotel which you can see here on our Facebook Fan page. Soon after, the team posted a photo of the local Edelweiss Flower Shop where the Prize Patrollers picked up the all important Rose Bouquet.

Off they went with the signature Publishers Clearing House sign attached to the van and the caravan of reporters following closely. It didn’t take long to find Karen’s house, but Karen was nowhere to be seen! An hour went by and still no Karen, so the experienced Prize Patrol crew went straight to the neighbors for some help. The neighbors helped all they could but it still took another two hours before Karen made her star studded appearance! The reaction was priceless, as she was approached by the famous Prize Patrol holding a Big Check for the $1 Million sweepstakes prize with her name on it!

Lucky for us, Todd snapped a priceless photograph of her with the check and her smile is certainly one for the record books. They also took video of the entire spectacle which you can see by visiting Later this week, Danielle will give us a full recap of the sweepstakes winner delivery so make sure to keep an eye out!

Frank @ PCH

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