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A Chance to Win Millions and You Don’t Have to Join the Royal Family

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that there’s a royal wedding coming up this Friday, April 29 in jolly olde England. For those of us that weren’t born in royalty, PCH provides many opportunities to win millions!

According to a British news poll, 86% of British women would not trade places with the bride-to-be of the future King. The reasoning is that they would not relish the life-long responsibilities and invasion of privacy that come with the wedding vows and the world-wide fame.

But I’m sure that those British ladies — and even the blokes — wouldn’t mind the fabulous bank account that comes with the role. In fact, I’ll bet you that American men and women on this side of “the pond” would feel the same way. You’re thinking, “I don’t care about having a crown on my head. But the opportunity to win millions and fill my pockets would be just fine, thank you.”

OK then: If you would fancy a king-sized fortune over a royal title, Publishers Clearing House has just the thing for your consideration: a $10 Million SuperPrize!

Just think of it: no royal duties; no endless round of ceremonial functions. If the PCH Prize Patrol surprises you with a Big Check worth ten million dollars, you can simply enjoy a life of financial security with as much or as little fun and activity as you choose.

Would you appear on TV? It’s true, if you win, our Prize Patrol video-camera would capture the excitement and probably post it on for sweepstakes fans like you to see, and – with your permission — you might wind up in a PCH TV commercial for which you’d get more money. But you wouldn’t be pursued by paparazzi and hounded by gossip columnists for the rest of your life. Our sweepstakes winners love the experience and the happy memories of winning. (I can assure you of that since I’ve known hundreds of winners.) And I’m sure that YOU would enjoy it too – as if the prize money itself was not enough!

So don’t bother to pursue the unspoken-for prince or an unattached princess to gain a royal fortune. A gigantic cash windfall could be yours with one lucky entry. Just click here on this link to and enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes for your chance to win millions today!

Wishing you jolly good luck!

Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador

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