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Shopping Online With PCH: Shrink that Gas Bill with Smart Buying

It’s safe to say that over the past few months we’ve all experienced first-hand how unreasonably high gas prices have been—after all, in some parts of the U.S., the price of gas has gone up to nearly $4.50 a gallon. As many of you may remember, we recently asked PCH fans via the Fan page what it was that they loved most about shopping online with Publishers Clearing House. Well, one overwhelming answer was that shopping online with PCH saves you all that extra money in gas—all that extra money adds up and can really help out, after all.

Plus, in a broader sense, many of you simply find shopping online with Publishers Clearing House to be extremely convenient—a hard fact to argue with. You see, shopping online with PCH doesn’t require much hassle at all; just a few clicks on a few pixelated buttons and your package will be well on its way to your home. And, best of all (as so many of you noted), if you are unsatisfied with any product you buy from us, you can return it to us as part of our Hassle-Free return policy.

However the convenience and money-saving goodness is only a small part of  our great Customer Benefits. After all, it’s really the products themselves that mean the most. Publishers Clearing House certainly has an extensive selection of goods to purchase. We offer a wide assortment of products from novelty items like JFK collectible coins and Confederate dollars, to cooking pans and assorted DVDs, to useful USB drives and diverse compilations of music from so many genres and eras. I bet you’ll find something quirky and personal for yourself or your loved ones.


Corey N.

PCH Intern

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