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PCH asks: Do you know the differences between Sweepstakes, Lotteries and Contests?

It’s a well known fact: Publishers Clearing House makes millionaires, and multi-millionaires, too! PCH sweepstakes have the power to forever change the lives of those who win. Have you ever dreamed of winning millions of dollars? Do you enter Publishers Clearing House giveaways? Ever wondered what the differences are between sweepstakes, lotteries and contests? No need to be embarrassed if you don’t know as I ‘m going to explain right now.

1) Sweepstakes:  In the USA, sweepstakes are advertisements or promotional devices by which prizes (items of value) are awarded to participating consumers by chance, with no purchase, consideration or entry fee required to enter or win. The Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes Giveaway No. 1400 where there’s a chance to win $10 Million is a perfect example. Go to right now and enter for a chance to win. It’s an outstanding opportunity to become a multi-millionaire!

For our neighbors up north:  Canadian sweepstakes law requires that the third component of chance be removed. Sponsors cannot use pure luck in determining who wins a sweepstakes. There must be at least some level of skill involved. Only those who at least pass a skill testing question, for example, are eligible to win prizes.

2) Lottery:  This is a promotional device containing all three elements – prize, chance and consideration (a purchase or fee). Prizes (items of value) are awarded to members of the public by chance, but require some form of payment or purchase (consideration) to participate. Buying a lottery ticket from the state you reside in (if your state has a lottery) is a good example.

3) Contests:  Skill contests differ from sweepstakes offers because in a skill contest, the winner is determined by – you guessed it – skill, not chance. Plus, an entry fee or purchase may be required. For example, in a skill contest you may have to write an essay or solve a puzzle or simply answer a question correctly. Your skill or knowledge is what wins the contest – not chance.

You can find even more information on – simply click on “Sweepstakes Information,” then click “General Sweepstakes Information” and you’ll find “PCH’s Consumer Guide to Sweepstakes and Lotteries.” There’s a huge amount of valuable information there for you. So after you’ve entered one of the Publishers Clearing House giveaways, take a look around the PCH information center. You’ll learn a lot!

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