Publishers Clearing House Fraud Prevention Alert

Publishers Clearing House fraud prevention tips could pay off big by saving you from being fooled by imitators.

Publishers Clearing House fraud prevention tips could pay off big by saving you from being fooled by imitators.

From time to time we like to remind consumers that it is always in your best interest to keep yourselves informed and protected from various sweepstakes frauds and schemes that may pose as legitimate sweepstakes offers.

Publishers Clearing House has been in business since 1953 and has awarded over $227 million in sweepstakes prizes to consumers from coast to coast.  While we understand that not every single recipient of a PCH promotional offer can win a major sweepstakes prize, we do believe all consumers can become winners by protecting themselves against fraud!

Telephone, internet and fake check scams that illegally and fraudulently use the name of legitimate sweepstakes are of great concern to Publishers Clearing House.  At PCH we hear from folks from all walks of life and from all across the country.  They contact us to report receiving an email, a phone call, or a fake check with a letter – – many illegally using our name and falsely claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House – – all in an attempt to deceive and mislead.  The common thread in these scams is that the consumer is asked to send money to collect what turns out to be a bogus and non-existent prize.

Here are 3 Important Publishers Clearing House Fraud Prevention Tips to remember:

  1. At Publishers Clearing House, or any legitimate sweepstakes, the winning is always free and there is never a requirement to order or pay any amount to enter, win or collect a prize award.  To put it simply … If it is not free, it is not a legitimate prize!
  2. If you are ever contacted by mail, phone or email by someone claiming to be with PCH – and are asked to send or wire money to claim a prize – HANG UP!  You have not heard from the real PCH!
  3. To report a scam contact you may fill out a Scam Incident Report.

For more information please visit us at and read more about what PCH is doing to educate and protect consumers, while fighting back against the fraudsters!


Margaret Crossan

PCH Consumer Affairs Department



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