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Great info at your fingertips … PCHTips!

Hello PCH friends, have I got a tip for you! Actually, I have lots of tips to share and I found them all at PCHtips! is a new addition to our Publishers Clearing House family of websites. It’s a great place to browse for information you can use every day. There are literally hundreds of articles on a variety of topics like health, decorating, pets and more!  There really is something for everyone.

Here’s a quick tour ― I think you’re going to love it!

On the Home Page, you’ll discover all the Featured Tips!  Here’s where you’ll find timely seasonal tidbits and interesting articles that everyone’s talking about!

In just a click, you’ll be at the Bed and Bath section where you’ll find lots of articles to help you improve your living space without breaking the bank. After all, who has the money to hire professionals to decorate or do home maintenance projects? The great ideas I found here were just right for my (lack of) time and budget!

The Healthy Living  section is filled with information on how to improve your health. I appreciated these great articles filled with interesting tips on how to incorporate small changes for big results.  Of course, one of my favorites was on the health benefits of coffee because I am one of those folks who can’t function in the morning without a strong cup ‘o joe!

Unless you’re talking about a pizza cutter or a hair straightening iron, I’m clueless when it comes to Tools!  But the tool section included dozens of interesting articles like “Screwdriver 101” that I might just check out next time I’m determined to sneak into my husband’s toolbox!

 Do you like Gardening?  I do even though my thumb is more brown than green. I’m hoping that some quick and easy tips from the gardening section — from fall planting tips to composting — will help change that!

And who doesn’t love Pets? The helpful articles in this section cover everything from pet care and home remedies to popular dog breeds and more.  My kids have been begging for a dog for quite some time! Although I’m feeling less guilty about having them settle for a goldfish since I read that you can teach your goldfish how to swim through a hoop! I’m not kidding!

Do you like Games? In the games section, you’ll find really great articles on card games and online games from PCHgames, and more!

We all need a little inspiration sometimes.  The Inspirational  section includes great information and overviews on uplifting music, films, books and more.

I’ve always found the concept of Personal Finance a bit daunting. But not anymore! The articles in this section are accessible and easy to understand and range from saving money on gas and groceries to the “how-tos” of coupon shopping!  Watch out! I’ll be hitting the grocery store soon with my new couponing skills!

The interesting articles in the Sweepstakes section will help you find winning sweepstakes opportunities and help you avoid scams.

But that’s not it! There more categories – like Jewelry, Coins, Collectibles – to explore! So, the next time you’re looking for information or some light reading, why not head on over to PCHtips? I think you’ll like it! And you’ll impress your friends with everything you learned!

More and more articles are added weekly. So, check back often ― you might just learn something new!

Happy reading!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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