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Live Lotto Event Tomorrow – You Can Count On It!

Growing up, I was not the biggest fan of numbers. Math was one of my least favorite subjects; I just couldn’t wrap my head around logs and and limits. But while math isn’t my forte, picking PCHlotto numbers is simple! There’s no adding, subtracting, cubing, or long division involved. Have you picked your numbers for the PCHlotto Live Lotto Event?

As you all know, I am not eligible to win any PCH prize because I work here. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about how I’d pick my numbers. If I was going to pick numbers to play the Live Lotto Event, here’s how I might do it…

4. That’s how many months I’ve been working at Publishers Clearing House.

9 and 11. Those are my lucky numbers. Why? 9 corresponds to the month I was born (September) and 11 is the date.

35 for the combined value of my initials, LW. (L=12, W=23)

17. No particular reason, I just happen to like odd numbers!

What are your lucky numbers? Whether they are related to your birthday or maybe your house number, I hope you picked them for tomorrow’s Live Lotto Event! Today is the last day to do so. The numbers that will be drawn are picked at random so there is no rhyme or reason when selecting! So have fun with it! Wouldn’t it be great to see the stars align and all of your numbers, with whatever their personal significance, show up? Not only would that be cool, it would be REWARDING … since you could win $1,800.00!

Head to PCHlotto at 3PM EST TOMORROW for the Live Lotto Event to see who wins the $1,800.00 prize! And if you miss out on this event, don’t worry – you can start picking numbers for the next Live Lotto Event on Wednesday. Choose numbers from 11/2 until 11/15 and tune into for the next live drawing on 11/16.

Best of luck and Happy Halloween!

Laura At PCH

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