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Holiday Wishes For America’s Heroes!

People love getting mail from Publishers Clearing House!

Folks open our mail (and email, for that matter) with a sense of excitement and anticipation knowing that amazing opportunities are inside.

But recently Publishers Clearing House (PCH) sent over 300 envelopes that are very special, indeed!

Holiday Mail For Heroes

Recently, a patriotic group of Publishers Clearing House employees sat down and wrote hundreds of Christmas and Holiday Cards for our brave and selfless men and women serving in the military.

One Publishers Clearing House employee, Jamie B., said it make her feel very good to be able to thank our military people and to wish them well. One wish in the cards she sent was that card recipients would remain safe. Her special wish was that we should be thankful for each other!

Linda M. said that it’s not every day that one can tell men and women in the military how much they’re appreciated. “It made me feel wonderful to let them know that they are thought of not just during the holiday, but always,” she said.

Jack Q. not only thanked our troops for their service, but he also included his email address in case any of those serving wanted a pen pal!

My Holiday Wish For All Service Members And Their Families!

I have often talked with my two daughters about how lucky Americans are to have such brave and selfless soldiers who risk it all for the country they love. And I can’t help but feel sad for the wives, husbands, children and parents of service members who are missing their loved ones during the holiday season.

Since I was not at this special Holiday Card event, here’s my holiday wish for our treasured troops and all their family members who are missing their loved ones.

Holiday Cards for Heroes

Happy Holidays To All,

Elliott M.

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