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PCHtips Answers Your Every Day Questions!

Hi PCH friends,

It’s Laura Wolfe! Some of you may know me from the blogs I’ve posted here and some of you may know me from the Fan Pages. Part of my job here at PCH is to interact with all of you – answering questions, getting to know you, and giving you PCH sweepstakes updates!

But another part of my job is managing the PCHtips website. If you haven’t checked it out, PCHtips is an informational site containing articles in a variety of categories. We have how to’s, advice, and histories about all types of things that affect your daily life.

I love reading and posting all of the new articles daily. Why? Because the information is useful for EVERYONE! I find myself returning to PCHtips even when I’m not in the office – for example,  when I was recently faced with the task of helping my mom put together a new treadmill, I went straight to PCHtips because I knew there was an article about how to assemble furniture. The step by step instructions for preparation and action helped us plan and execute a smooth assembly!

The detailed how to’s are my favorite types of articles on PCHtips. Why don’t you take a look and see if there are any articles that can help you with an upcoming project? Don’t know where to start? Here is an assortment of instruction oriented articles that might interest you:

-Are you a fan of gardening? Spring is coming so start planning your work now. If you have tulips, I suggest you read “The Essentials of Planting and Caring for Tulips.” If your garden contains perennials, it may be worth taking the time to read up on dividing perennials in the article “How to Divide Perennials.”

-Is DIY jewelry your thing? Whether you’re getting crafty with your children or just having fun by yourself, PCHtips has some interesting homemade jewelry ideas. Start making a toothbrush bracelet or bottle cap earrings today!

-PCHtips contains a plethora of health information. Lactose intolerance making your life difficult? Well read up on some tips to make living with lactose intolerance a little more bearable.

These are only a few suggestions – there are MANY more topics to explore.

I’m curious – which article is YOUR favorite? Let me know in the comments below. Personally, I’m looking ahead a few weeks to St. Patrick’s Day and reading “Sangria Recipes for All Seasons.” The St. Patrick’s Day sangria recipe is fascinating!

Laura At PCH

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