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Our Busy Bees Are Working Hard To Give You More Ways To Win!

At Publishers Clearing House we’re working hard to bring you more. More ways to win, more exciting prizes, and more entertaining Online Sweepstakes web experiences!

Our great maintenance crew has been instrumental in helping us meet all the challenge of giving our fans the best web experiences possible. They often have to demolish office space and rebuild it in record time to help PCH employees meet ever-changing demands.

You’ll Find The Busy Bees In “The Hive”!

One work area was recently redesigned and rebuilt so that creative staff could be located in a more centralized work hub. The PCH creative staff has given this new area the nickname “The Hive” because it’s filled with “busy bees” working hard to create the best Online Sweepstakes experience for you possible!

“By putting writers, designers and programmers together in a centralized space, those workers can more easily get each other’s advice,” said Ellen S., Creative Director. The result: More of the exciting and rewarding web experiences that PCH fans have come to expect. And more ways to win!

Before “The Hive” We Needed “The Cave”!

But before “The Hive” could be built, all our “busy bees” had to be temporarily relocated into a small side room for two weeks. Though some might have thought the cramped space would have been uncomfortable, the Online Sweepstakes employees made the best of it. They shared a lot of laughs as the PCH building crew went to work on creating the new office space.

In just two weeks, five building maintenance workers disassembled old work spaces … ripped out old carpeting … painted … put in new carpeting … re-wired for faster computer networking … and installed new workstations.

The Buzz From The “Bees”!

“All I have to do is turn around to get the advice I need from a coworker,” Joyce W. said.

“When I have a work problem, I can easily get three to four coworkers together to brainstorm solutions,” said Rich K.

Matt S. is enjoying The Hive’s new workspace. “It’s so much easier to organize ‘magnetic’ dart games with more players,” he said.

Time For Some “Constructive” Advice!

Now that all the construction is over, how do you think the creative busy bees should use the new efficiencies to make your PCH web experiences the best they can be?

Are you hoping for:

Make sure to comment below to let us know what YOU want to see!


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