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Archie Comics & Riverdale Riches All This Week At PCHlotto!

Today it’s Team Angelina vs. Team Jennifer. Or Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. In my day, it was Team Betty vs. Team Veronica.

I’m, of course, talking about the rivalry for Archie’s affection between Betty and Veronica in the beloved Archie Comics. I remember reading them as a child and wanting to scream at Archie, “Pick Betty, you dummy!” Not only was Betty nice, but she was also smart, could cook and even change a tire!

I, along with so many kids all across America, grew up with Archie Andrews, Jughead, Betty, Veronica, Reggie and Moose. Now, working as a writer for Publishers Clearing House, you can imagine my thrill when I found out that Archie and friends were taking over PCHlotto with an EXCLUSIVE Riverdale Riches PCHlotto Event Card.

From today until May 13th, visit PCHlotto every day and see a new Riverdale Riches PCHlotto card. This amazing Riverdale Riches promotion will run for seven days giving PCHlotto fans, like you, the chance to win an EXCLUSIVE $1,000.00 CASH PRIZE! And each day you’ll be treated to a different design featuring one of your favorite Archie Comics characters. Then, on May 14th at 9:00 AM, we will definitely pick the winner of this EXCLUSIVE $1,000.00 Riverdale Riches cash prize!

In addition to going for a chance to win $1,000.00, you’ll get to spend some time with a few of America’s most beloved teenagers: Archie and friends!

Who is YOUR favorite? Mine was always Jughead. After all, he’s the guy who got to eat like a slob without gaining any weight, and he never seemed to have all of Archie’s problems. The character I used to love to hate was Reggie. At times he could seem spoiled and petty. And he always seemed to be the one starting the trouble at RIVERDALE HIGH. Some of my favorite moments were at Pop’s Malt Shop (that’s what older readers remember it as) where the gang would often hang out.

I hope I’m not alone and that there are folks out there who, like me, grew up with the gang from Riverdale High and fondly remember some of their adventures.

If you’re one of them, a real ARCHIE COMICS fan, take a stab at these questions:

  • What was the name of Jughead’s pet dog?
  • What subject did Miss Grundy usually teach at Riverdale High?
  • Who was the tall teenage girl who tried to win over Jughead’s heart?

Comment below and share your answers! And while you’re at it, let me whose team you were on — Team Betty or Team Veronica.

And remember, make sure to visit PCHlotto every day today through May 13 to join Archie and friends and go for some EXCLUSIVE Riverdale Riches!

Elliot M.

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