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Celebrating Mother’s Day Prize Patrol Syle!

Hi everyone! It’s Danielle Lam of the PCH Prize Patrol!  At Publishers Clearing House, we think it is always important to take the time to show our appreciation for the people that we care about…that’s why I’m celebrating Mother’s Day by writing a special blog about … MY mother. I love you Mom!

You may not believe this, but my mother and I have wonderful Publishers Clearing House memories from long before I even worked for the company.  I can remember sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table with my mother, going through the PCH mail packages and transferring the contest stamps! They trained me well, right?  I’m sure many of you have those same memories and even continue that tradition today. I never would have thought back then that one day MY face would appear next to Dave Sayer’s in those packages! And look at me now….I’m the “Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol girl”!

But being the Prize Patrol girl means that my mom (and my entire immediate family!) can no longer win a prize in the Sweepstakes. And my mother is constantly asked about that. “Are you upset you can no longer win?” Her response is a perfect example of how wonderful and loving she is. She says: “I am happier knowing that my daughter has a job that she absolutely loves – that’s priceless”. Awww thanks, I love you Mom!

After all she does for me, my mom deserves a really special Mother’s Day this year. That’s why for an early Mother’s Day present, a few weeks ago, I invited my mother to join me on Prize Patrol as I headed to Queens to surprise Tiny Bowens with $5,000.00! There’s nothing like celebrating Mother’s Day Prize Patrol style, right? The award went smoothly – a successful Prize Patrol delivery…but you could definitely tell that my mother was with me as she fixed my hair, straightened my shirt and told me she thought I was beautiful.  What would I do without my mother?!

So now that I’ve shared my Prize Patrol style celebration with you, I want to know: How are YOU celebrating Mother’s Day this year? Whatever you do, I hope it’s amazing! Personally I think the best gift is always saying: “I love you Mom”.

Join me in saying “Happy Mother’s Day” to all the mothers out there by leaving a comment below.  I think we can get 100 comments – prove me right! <3 <3

Danielle Lam PCH Prize Patrol Elite

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