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Can You Guess What Game Show The PCH Prize Patrol Will Be On?

Psst…PCH fans…over here…

Hi! It’s Sarah S. from the Social Media team. You may not have recognized me, as I sit here dressed completely in black, hiding out in the shadows. You see, I’m trying to be stealthy. I have some very important and exciting information to share with you, but I’m not allowed to give it all away. Of course, I’ve never been good at keeping secrets and I’m even less accomplished at following directions. (Just ask my GPS how many times it’s had to recalculate!)

So here’s the deal, I’ll tell you what I can tell you and then I’ll give you some hints to see if you can figure out the rest. After all, no one said I couldn’t give hints.

Here’s what I can tell you:

Starting this Monday 12/31, the PCH Prize Patrol will be appearing ALL WEEK LONG on a very popular game show.

I know what you’re thinking! Sarah, you can’t just tell us that and NOTHING else! And believe me fans, I’m with you. That’s why I’m going rogue and giving you 5 hints as to what that game show is! See if you can figure it out from these hints:

1. The game show in question first aired in 1976 on ABC. It ran for 9 years before being cancelled, only to be revived 3 years later by a rival network. To date, it has been cancelled and revived numerous times.

2. Only men have hosted this show since its inception, and thus far, it’s had 6 different hosts.

3.  In 2001, the host of this show requested that the TOP Prize be increased from $10,000 to $20,000, which is what it stands at today.

4.  The game is played by teams, with the goal of being the first team to 300 points. If a tie occurs, the teams enter the tie breaker round known as “Sudden Death.”

5. The show has been known to produce “themed” weeks, which include teams made up of all-star athletes, soap opera stars, and even country music stars.

BONUS HINT: The Prize Patrol often describes themselves as one big happy “family”.

Alright fans, I’ve gotta go. I’ve probably already said too much. Have you figured it out yet? LEAVE YOUR GUESSES in the comment space below! And remember, you can always use PCHSearch&Win to get to the bottom of some of the clues I left you.

If you haven’t figured it out, (and even if you have) check back here on Monday for the OFFICIAL reveal from Danielle Lam!

Happy guessing!

Sarah S.
PCH Social Media Team

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