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New Publishers Clearing House Commercials With Classic TV Stars!

New Publishers Clearing House Sitcom Commercial

Don’t miss the BRAND-NEW Publishers Clearing House TV commercials starring classic TV sitcoms Gilligan’s Island, The Brady Bunch & Different Strokes, airing May 6th through May 17th!

Ever wonder what it’s like to answer the door and see the Prize Patrol standing there with a Big Check made out to you? Would you scream, cry, laugh with joy, or even faint?

The fact is, you never know how you’ll react. That’s why we’ve managed to capture so many incredible winning moments on camera with unsuspecting winners across the country. And it’s been great fun sharing them all with you in our classic TV commercials.

Well, this time we’ve decided to do things a little differently and believe me, you don’t want to miss it! Keep your eyes peeled for PCH TV commercials like you’ve NEVER seen before!

That’s right, in our BRAND-NEW TV commercials, the PCH Prize Patrol is taking a trip down memory lane, “traveling back in time” to knock on the doors of some of your favorite TV sitcom characters from the past! For the first time ever, you’ll see Todd, Danielle and Dave in classic sitcoms that you all know and love. And they’ll be awarding that Big Check to some of your favorite sitcom stars!


For example, watch what happens when the Prize Patrol shows up on Gilligan’s Island! Can you imagine what Gilligan will do when he sees that Big Check? It’s a winning moment you’ll never forget! And you can imagine the hilarity that ensues when the Prize Patrol shows up on The Brady Bunch and Different Strokes!

Publishers Clearing House & Brady Bunch

These brand new Publishers Clearing House TV commercials created quite a lot of buzz and positive feedback when we conducted sneak previews. They’re so exciting, even the New York Times is talking about them! And we can’t wait for YOU to see them, too! Keep your eyes peeled from May 6th through May 17th because they’ll be on all the major networks. And in case you miss them, you can even watch them online on the PCH Fan Page! They’ll only be up for a LIMITED TIME (until May 17th!), so be sure to check them out and “share” all the fun with your friends!

We can’t wait to hear what YOU think of our BRAND-NEW Publishers Clearing House TV commercials! Which one is YOUR favorite? Comment below and let us know. Then be sure to enter today and maybe YOU’LL get to see first-hand what happens when the Prize Patrol shows up with a Big Check!

Good luck!

Jane M.
PCH Creative

P.S. BIG NEWS blog readers! The Prize Patrol is headed back to Let’s Make A Deal!!! That’s right — Danielle, Todd and Dave will be on the shown AGAIN every day this week! Tune in to see them give away BIG MONEY!

P.P.S. Have you seen the NEW & IMPROVED PCHgames site? Check out today’s Play&Win blog where Nick tells you all about the changes!

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