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Top 10 Reasons To Go For The PCH MegaPrize!

You could win One Million Dollars Plus $5,000 A Week For Life on June 30th!

I know, I know, PCH friends – why should anyone need convincing about how exciting it would be to win a cool Million Dollars in weeks – plus win $5.000.00 a week for life after that?!!

But in case you need persuading – or are even thinking about not entering NOW – here would be my Top 10 Reasons to enter to win our huge PCH MegaPrize in our June 30Prize Event.

REASON NUMBER 10:  Win, and trade your car in for the coolest one on the lot… and pay in CASH.

REASON NUMBER 9: Take a dream vacation and another one right after that if you win.

Win Mega Prize and Take a Dream Vacation

REASON NUMBER 8:  Win, and redo your kitchen… your bathroom… heck, buy a whole new house!

Win Mega Prize and Buy Your Dream Home

REASON NUMBER 7: As a One Million Dollars plus $5,000 A Week For Life Mega Prize winner you could pay off all your bills… it sure feels great to be debt-free!

REASON NUMBER 6:  Win, and show dear ones you care with some extra cash … they’ll be so grateful! And imagine how wonderful it would feel to help those you love!

Win MegaPrize Take Care Of Loved Ones

REASON NUMBER 5: As a winner, you could donate generously to your favorite charity … your church … whatever cause you really believe in!

REASON NUMBER 4:  Buy the very best of everything if you win, without checking the price tag first.

REASON NUMBER 3: As a Mega Prize winner, you could do things you’ve only ever dreamed of doing … hot air ballooning, perhaps?

Win Mega Prize Take Ride In Hot Air Balloon

REASON NUMBER 2:  Win, and say, “I quit!” Sure, you like your job, but a PCH MegaPrize winner gets a regular $5,000.00 “paycheck,” every week for life!

And now  (drum-roll, please), the NUMBER 1 REASON to go for One Million Dollars plus $5,000 A Week For Life??

The NUMBER 1 REASON is that someone will definitely become a PCH millionaire on June 30, and if you don’t enter, you can’t win.

Really, it’s so darned easy – and there are so many ways – to enter to win the PCH MegaPrize!  For starters, enter today and every day at! Use PCHSearch&Win for your web searches, and you’ll get an entry with your first search of the day. Then there’s PCHLotto… where you could play and maybe even win! And don’t forget our classic U.S. Mail bulletins, too.

So go for it … and who knows…maybe your doorbell will be ringing on June 30th with a visit from the Prize Patrol!

Prize Patrol One Million Dollas Plus $5,000 a Week For Life

All the best,

Mary Beth H

P.S. Be sure to check out today’s Play&Win blog! Greg from PCHGames will be sharing tips on how you can get better scores on Arcade Games!

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