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Our Friends At Liquid Wireless Give Back To Their Local Community!


Our week of giving back continues!

And today we have a very special story to share with all of you. It comes from our friends at Liquid Wireless, a company we acquired nearly 2 years ago to help us better serve our mobile customers.

A few weeks ago, the folks at Liquid Wireless came together and volunteered to fight for a common cause. In this case, the cause was clearing out an invasive plant species called Glossy Buckthorn that had invaded the Fore River Sanctuary in Portland, Maine. The group of about 14 employees spent hours cutting down and uprooting the pesky plants in hopes of eliminating them from the Sanctuary.


Since we’re all in the spirit of giving back this week, I reached out to Liquid Wireless team member, Kalli W., to ask her what this volunteering experience meant to her.

Christa: Can you tell me more about your volunteer effort with the Fore River Sanctuary? What did the team do during the event?

Kalli: We spent about 3 hours clearing out Glossy Buckthorn, which is an invasive plant species. Specifically, we cut down and uprooted these plants and put them in designated disposal piles.


Christa: How did you find out about this volunteer opportunity?

Kalli: My colleague, Geoff K., reached out to Portland Trails (a nonprofit urban land trust) to see if/where there was a need for our volunteer effort.


Christa: What is the goal that you and your team wanted to achieve from this community service day?

Kalli: Our goal was to get rid of about 1/2 of the Glossy Buckthorn population on our designated section of the trail. We ended up surpassing expectations and got rid of all of it!

Christa: What issues were the Portland Trail facing before your team stepped in and helped?

Kalli: Rapid overgrowth of invasive plant species, and not enough hands to terminate the problem.


Christa: Is this the first volunteer effort that your team has done together? If so, will you plan on doing more?

Kalli: There was a similar project done last year. We definitely plan to do more!

Christa: What benefits has doing volunteer work together had on the foundation of your team?

Kalli: It was definitely a team building experience – some of us focused on cutting down these plants and trees, and others worked to drag away the debris to designated areas.


Christa: In one word, can you describe how it felt to give back?

Kalli: Fun!

Wow! Thanks so much again Kalli for telling us all about your amazing volunteer efforts! It sounds like you not only helped your community, but had a fun, teambuilding experience too!

PCH Fans, we hope all of you can find fun ways to give back to your community, too. Only mere hours of your day can be dedicated to making this world a better place.

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. Comment below to tell us how you would give back to your community!

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