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Forever Changed by PCH – Tari Woods’ Winner Story

Hi everyone!  This is Matt K. from PCH Creative.  We’ve all seen the winning moments of our fantastic SuperPrize winners on TV or maybe even on YouTube.  But what happens when the Prize Patrol leaves and the winner is Forever Changed with this incredible windfall of serious money?  For a few more weeks, I’ll be interviewing some of our past winners and asking them what DID happen after the Prize Patrol van rolled away!  We’ll find out how they reacted, how their lives were transformed, and what they can do now that they couldn’t have done before.  Let’s start with this week’s unbelievable profile with Tari Woods, a SuperPrize winner from 2012!

Tari Woods

Tari Woods’ story is one in a million, and no, I’m not just talking about the amount of money she won in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  Tari’s lucky streak continued long after her amazing windfall from PCH in 2012, but let’s save that for the end of the story!  But believe me when I tell you that lighting does strike twice!

Tari Woods was always a positive thinker and a hard worker. She is a part of several businesses in her town, and everyone knows how much effort she puts into her many successes.  But just like a lot of people who work hard, sometimes the reality of the economy can shake things up.

We had a big mortgage payment due, and we were wondering how we were going to pay it.  And then, out of the blue, Publishers Clearing House came to my door!”  Just hours before the Prize Patrol’s arrival, she had run to the hardware store and local grocery store with a friend.  In an adjacent parking lot, they saw the famous PCH Prize Patrol Van parked near a cell phone store.

We thought, ‘wow, someone from that store must have won!’” says Woods.  “We came back to the house, but I wasn’t prepared for them to follow us home!”

But that’s exactly what happened! Watch Tari’s exciting winning moment now!


As you can see from her reaction, Tari was pretty speechless. “I reacted like that simply because I didn’t know HOW to react!  I’m a positive person, but I wasn’t expecting to win.”

I guess you could say it was a moment she had never rehearsed in her head!

With her prize money, Tari was able to payoff the mortgage and invest in her home. She even was able to fulfill a dream of owning a large “deck boat” to enjoy on a nearby lake.

But Tari’s luck didn’t end there!  When I tried to arrange an interview with her last week, Tari told me she couldn’t talk at the moment- she was busy in Las Vegas, as she was a finalist in ANOTHER sweepstakes!

That’s right, you read that correctly.  Tari was at a very famous bull riding competition and was a finalist to win a truck from a major automobile company!  How jealous are you now!?

She was given a special key to a truck, and if the key started the vehicle, it was hers!  Well, “spoiler alert,” she didn’t win.  But, she and a guest had plenty of fun in Las Vegas, having fancy dinners and enjoying the sites.

“I guess we’ll always keep entering things!,” Tari confesses.  “You can’t be a winner if you don’t play the game!”

Dreams Come True

The sign you see above rests in her home, and Dave Sayer himself pointed it out when he arrived with the Big Check!

I tell everyone that PCH is real,” she continues.  “They were at my door, I met them.  I just couldn’t believe I won!  But we work so hard, and everyone in my town knows it.  People tell us all the time, ‘you deserved to win, if anyone was going to, we’re glad it was you!’”

I hope you’ll all listen to Tari’s words carefully and remember: you can’t win if you’re not in! So please, enter today – who knows, it could be YOUR story we’re telling next!

-Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. If you won a big SuperPrize, I’m sure many of you would “give back” and help your family and friends.  But what would you do if you won a SECOND time?  What would you do for yourself?  Tell us in the comments below!

P.P.S. Speaking of giving back…remember you don’t have to be a big winner to make a difference. You can vote in The Give Back and help PCH give away over $100,000 to charity! Vote today!


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