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The PCH “Reflections” Video — What The Dream Life Could Be!

Here at Publishers Clearing House, we love to create new and exciting videos to share with our fans. And since we just announced our Dream Life Prize, the PCH video group was tasked with a challenge of creating a unique way to get behind this really exciting SuperPrize.

Because The Dream Life Prize is NOT any ordinary prize! Win and you’d really get it all: $2 Million Dollars immediately to do whatever you want and help whoever you want, PLUS $10,000 A Month For Life for future financial security, AND a new car just for fun!! How amazing does that sound?

As you can imagine, we needed a really special video to do this prize justice! So without further ado, here is the brand new PCH Reflections video. We hope you enjoy it! (Once you’ve watched, continue on to read about how we were inspired by the concept of “reflections”).


So how did our PCH video group come up with the concept for this video? Rather than the classic PCH commercials that feature real winning moments, our team really wanted to go with a “lifestyle” concept that emphasized a deeper meaning of what the SuperPrize represents. Pete D., Video Production Designer for PCH says, “When it comes to winning, the team and I feel that there’s more to money than spending and power. It can represent security, a second chance at life, and a means to help push our dreams forward. These are all very personal sentiments. So to help showcase this idea, we decided to use the concept of reflections — because after all, there’s nothing more personal and intimate than the image staring back at you in the mirror.”

I love this idea! I think it really lets us get behind the emotions of winning. It shows that each individual has an idea of what their hopes and dreams are — and that the Publishers Clearing House Dream Life Prize can help you achieve all of them!

But we want to know what YOU think! Comment below and let us know if you like the new Reflections video and our new Dream Life Prize!

And remember — dreams really CAN come true with Publishers Clearing House…

Dillon H.
PCH Creative


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