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What A Dream! Win “I Dream Of Prize Patrol” Prizes

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I Dream of Prize Patrol Fan Pack Prizes (2)

On this 2nd day, I’m so happy to bring you a real dream come true — exclusive blog prizes!

Yes that’s right, everyone! In honor of Dream Week, we’re giving away 5 prizes here at the PCH Blog today. Yes, 5!!! And they’re not any old prizes. They are never-before-offered “I Dream Of Prize Patrol” Fan Packs!

What are “I Dream Of Prize Patrol” Fan Packs, you ask? Well my friends, get ready to swoon because they are quite “dreamy” if I do say so myself!

Each awesome fan pack includes:

• An official Prize Patrol pen

• An official Prize Patrol t-shirt

And best of all…

• An official photo of everyone’s favorite — Danielle Lam — signed by the Prize Patroller herself!

PCH Blog Fan Pack Prizes

You see everyone, we’re always told by the fans that you want official Prize Patrol gear! So we put together this ULTIMATE fan pack with EVERYTHING you dream of having.

So how do you get IN IT TO WIN IT? Are you ready for this? All you have to do to be eligible to win is leave a comment on today’s blog between the hours of 12 AM, E.T. and 11:59 PM, E.T.

NO, it’s not a dream, you don’t have to pinch yourself! We’re really giving away 5 “I Dream Of Prize Patrol” prizes and all you have to do is COMMENT! It’s really THAT easy!

So comment away everyone. Tell us what a dream come true it’d be for YOU to win one of these prizes. Tell us what YOUR biggest dream is. Tell us whatever you’d like – just comment NOW!


Amanda C.
PCH Creative

P.S. Know someone else who’d love to win one of these fan packs? Share this blog to spread the word!

P.S. Don’t forget to enter to win our amazing Dream Life Prize at! Remember, if you win, you’d receive $2,000,000 Immediately, Plus $10,000 A Month For Life, Plus a brand new car on June 30th! WOW!

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