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A Dream Role: Danielle Presents The Dream Life Prize On TV!

Hello, PCH fans! New PCH commercials featuring our new Dream Life Prize are on TV now! If you’ve seen them, you may have noticed that some of the spots feature a certain member of our Prize Patrol — Danielle Lam! If you haven’t seen them, check them out now!


I caught up with Danielle to ask her about this dream role of a lifetime!

Elaina: Hi Danielle! I love the new commercials announcing the June 30th Dream Life Prize Event … starring YOU! And what an exciting prize!

Danielle: Thank you so much! It’s such an honor to be selected to star in the Publishers Clearing House commercials! I really think I have a dream job — being able to hand people happiness in the form of a PCH “Big Check” — but this is taking that dream to a whole new level! Someone pinch me … is this really happening!?


Elaina: The new spots are quite a departure from the commercials PCH usually runs.

Danielle: The decision to go this new route is actually a result of various tests we ran. I was thrilled to find out that PCH would be going forward with this new approach! Creatively, the spots are a nice blend of more modern elements alongside the classic PCH “Winning Moments” we all love so much. Plus, I think the Dream Life Prize — $2 Million at once, $10,000 A Month For Life and a brand new car — is VERY exciting!


Elaina: How does it feel to be on screen without Dave and Todd, the other members of the PCH Prize Patrol Elite?

Danielle: It’s wild to have the spotlight only on me, but I am flattered at the opportunity. My fellow Prize Patrol members are very supportive!

Elaina: Can you tell us about the shoot?  

Danielle: We shot these commercials in our new video studio at PCH headquarters. Everything ran smoothly because I was surrounded by my coworkers and friends! It only took two hours to shoot everything. I was so nervous, I memorized the lines a week in advance!

Elaina: You did a great job! What was the most fun? What was the most challenging?

Danielle: Well, what girl doesn’t love to get her hair and makeup done, right?? That was definitely the most fun. The challenging part was trying not to laugh with all my friends around!

Elaina: It was great chatting with you, Danielle! Is there anything else you’d like to share with our blog readers?
Danielle: I just really want to thank everyone so much for their love and support. Since I joined the Prize Patrol over three years ago, I’ve gained so many loyal fans. I appreciate everyone so much! I hope you all like the new commercials and that you’ll remember to enter for the Dream Life Prize every day!

Make sure you take Danielle’s advice and enter as often as you can! Our Special Early Look Event is coming up on June 30th, and you could win and meet Danielle, and the rest of the PCH Prize Patrol!

May All Your Dreams Come True!


Elaina R.
Interactive Development/Online Creative


5_7_Danielle Mother's Day Shout Out

P.S. Danielle wanted to do something nice for all her fans for Mother’s Day this year! So this Sunday she will be posting a special “shout-out” blog in honor of all you special women out there! If you want Danielle to write you – or someone dear to you – a message in her blog, comment below and tell us! Let us know WHO you would like her to leave a message for (yourself, your mother, your grandmother, your aunt, your daughter, your friend, whoever!) and what you would like her to say. She’ll be going through all the comments and picking a few to feature!

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