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How Many Times Can You Enter The Dream Life Prize Each Day?

Win It All

With our deadline for the Dream Life Prize quickly approaching, I know you loyal PCH fans want to do EVERYTHING you can to make sure you’re IN IT to WIN IT! I mean who wouldn’t want to WIN IT ALL – $2,000,000 immediately PLUS $10,000 A Month For Life PLUS A Brand New Lincoln MKZ?

One of the ways to make sure you’re IN IT TO WIN IT is by entering as often as you can! Many people ask us how many times you can enter PCH each day. And many, I’m afraid, think you can only enter once. I’m happy to say that is NOT the case, and to help explain, here’s a special Howie Helps video!


That’s right fans! As Howie explained, you can enter every day both online and in the mail. Did you know that for our June 30th Dream Life Special Early Look Prize event, you can enter in all these ways:





PCH Fan Page


PCH Mailings

It’s true! Make sure you’re entering on ALL of them every single day from now until the deadline, June 23rd. There are only 13 days left!

As Howie explained in his video, if you’re ever confused about how many entries are allowed per day for our online properties, please see the Official Rules for the website or email promotion providing that entry opportunity.

And to all you loyal blog readers, we wish you the BEST OF LUCK!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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