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PCH Big Check Is Better Than Chocolate For Hershey, PA Winner!

Publishers Clearing House $10,000 Prize Patrol Party Prize goes to Hershey, Pennsylvania man!

Hershey PA Winner 1

Hershey, Pennsylvania doesn’t just have the famous Hershey Theme Park, it now also has a lucky Publishers Clearing House WINNER! The Prize Patrol was in Hershey this Tuesday to award Nelson N. with the $10,000 Prize Patrol Party Prize!

The Prize Patrol went on an adventurous road trip from our headquarters in Port Washington, New York to Pennsylvania with great anticipation of meeting and surprising Mr. Nelson N. Once we arrived at Maria’s Flower Shop, which was a few minutes from Nelson’s house, we grabbed the balloons and roses and set off to surprise him. With some local media in tow, we knew this was going to be a good award with lots of attention! We received enthusiastic honks and waves from neighbors and locals who saw our Prize Patrol van driving through town on our way to award the winner. The buildup was getting bigger and bigger!

It was finally the moment of truth when we arrived at Nelson’s front door. We knocked for about 5 minutes, and it seemed as though no one was home. Danielle decided it was time to ask a neighbor if they knew where we could find Nelson! That’s when we saw a lovely woman dressed in gardening gear come to the front of the house from Nelson’s backyard! Relieved, the Prize Patrol asked, “Hi! Are you Nelson’s wife? Do you know who we are?!” Practically speechless, Mary said YES! We told her to go get Nelson and tell him there was a “package waiting for him!” With great excitement, Mary ran to the backyard and grabbed Nelson.

Soon enough, Nelson came to the front of his house where we were all standing there waiting for him with the PCH BIG CHECK. Dirtied with motor oil and soot from working on his car, Nelson stood shocked while staring at the back of the BIG CHECK.  When we finally revealed the check was in HIS name for $10,000, Nelson nearly fell backwards! He was blissfully befuddled that HE of all people had won $10,000 from the PCH Sweepstakes. Nelson and Mary kept looking at each other, both in complete shock and awe of this amazing moment!

Hershey PA Winner 2

Nelson told us he was a retired engineer who works on vintage cars in his spare time. He said he uses PCHSearch&Win everyday to look for car parts he needs, while also getting his entry into the sweepstakes! When asked what he would do with his winnings, Nelson simply answered, “pay some bills!” GOOD ANSWER!

We also asked Nelson and Mary if they had any kids, and in response, Nelson replied, “No kids, just a Cocker Spaniel! I’ll be able to buy a lot of dog treats with this money!”

Hershey PA Winner 3

Nelson and Mary gave us a good laugh. They were such a genuine couple who deserved this amazing surprise! We’re so happy for them, and hope they enjoy their winnings as much as we enjoyed giving it to them! This winning moment was one truly sweeter than Hershey’s chocolate!

For more details about Nelson’s happy winning moment, check out the news article.

And to all you PCH fans, remember to enter each and every day…who knows, it could be YOUR winning moment next!

Dillon H.

Promotion Development Department

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