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What kind of PCH “Forever” Prize Winner would YOU Be?

What kind of PCH Winner would you be

We’d really like to know – because our tireless Prize Patrol is prepared to deliver yet another tremendous, life-changing prize in just weeks: $5,000 A Week “Forever”! So … take a few moments and take our little “Win-Q” Test!

1.  Do you ….
•  Love outrageously funny movies and sitcoms?
•  Enjoy pranks and practical jokes?
•  Manage to find the humor in almost any situation?
•  Laugh until you cry?

If you answered YES to any 3 or more of these questions, we think you’d be a LAUGHER! We’re thinking that you might react like our Round Rock, TX winner. Melody Bingham!

PCH Winner Laugher

Or does our Prize Patrol need to bring a box of Kleenex along with the roses, balloons and “Big Check”? They would – if you say YES to most of these questions and became our winner!

2.  Do you …
•  Choke up at weddings?
•  Love a “3 hanky” movie?
•  Weep (like me!) when you hear your favorite sad song?
•  Get misty when you look at old baby pictures?

Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes?  We think You’d be a WEEPER! Luckily, the Prize Patrol is specially trained to offer “comfort” to weeping winners.  A big hug was ready for winner Maxine Richeson, and her almost as emotional daughter.

PCH Winner Weeper

Our next kind of PCH winner needs NO microphone for our “winning moment” film clips – and we LOVE it!

3.  Do  you …
•  Let out a yelp at every scare in a horror movie?
•  Yell at the top of your lungs on a roller coaster?
•  Shriek when someone “creeps up on you”?
•  Holler louder than the loudest fan at any ballgame?

Sound like you? Our hunch is that you’d be a SCREAMER who’d raise the roof like Carol Copeland, whom our Prize Patrol surprised in her Norfolk, VA classroom!

PCH Winner Screamer

Finally, you might be our next kind of winner, a person who would turn their winning moment into a “moving experience”!

4  Do you …
•  Get “itchy feet” every time you hear a dance beat?
•  Leap up to join a standing ovation
•  Secretly dream about buying a trampoline?
•  Beat the neighborhood kids at “leap frog”?

‘Fess up!  Yes, my friend, you’d be a JUMPER. If you became our winner, you’d start jumping up and down like those crazy “Family Feud” contestants.


You want to know something? Whether our winners are LAUGHERS or WEEPERS or SCREAMERS or JUMPERS, we love them all just the same.

You could show the world what kind of winner you would be in a very short time – on August 28th, when we’re authorized to award a life-changing “Forever” Prize in our Special Early Look Prize Event. Remember, the “Forever” Prize would pay a winner $5,000 every week for life – plus after that $5,000 a week for the life of someone the winner chooses. 

PCH Forever Prize

So tell us in the “Comments” section below:  If you heard the doorbell ring and you opened the door to the famous Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol holding roses, balloons and a “Big Check,”

                        “What kind of PCH “Forever” Prize Winner would you be?” 

Hoping that you will put it to the test on August 28th ….

Your PCH pal,

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