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Remember This One Scam Prevention Tip

PCH Scam Prevention PuzzleHey PCHers!

As you know, PCH is very active on Facebook. We love Facebook because it’s a great way to engage and communicate with fans like you! If you visit our PCH Fan Page on Facebook, you’ll see every day we post fun and engaging content like sweepstakes opportunities, trivia, puzzles and more! Let’s see if you can solve this riddle above!

Think you’ve got the answer? I’ll give you a hint, this one helpful fact could save you from being targeted by scammers! Take a look and see if you got the answer right:

PCH Scam Prevention Puzzle Answer

That’s right, PCHers! The PCH Prize Patrol NEVER sends friend requests on Facebook. In order to interact with the Prize Patrol on Facebook, you have to LIKE their page. You will never have to accept a friend request from a member of the Prize Patrol.

Unfortunately, scammers try to take advantage of our Facebook fans by creating fake accounts impersonating Danielle, Dave, and Todd. But luckily, you know better! Never accept a friend request from a scammer and never chat on Facebook with someone who you think might be Danielle, Dave, or Todd.

Remember this scam prevention tip and we can have lots of fun engaging with one another on Facebook! Stay safe!

Cara F.
Social Media Manager

P.S. If you want to learn more about how to avoid being scammed, visit our new Scam Prevention tab on Facebook!

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