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Hi blog readers! It’s me, Donna, and I’m back with another blog about how you can order some of the most popular magazines here from Publishers Clearing House! Sorry it’s been so long, but I have been very busy with our new puppy, her name is Boo-Boo! Isn’t she cute?

Donna's new dog

For those of you who missed my first blog, did you know that in addition to shopping at PCH for fantastic merchandise at low, low prices, Publishers Clearing House also has dozens of terrific magazine deals? Well, it’s true!

Order Family Fun Magazine at PCH

Summer fun is in full swing, which means now is the PERFECT time to try something new with the family, right? Well, I have found tons of inspiration in Family Fun magazine. It offers great ideas for fun and creative family activities that everyone will love. You can find it listed in the “Parents and Kids” tab on our magazine site.


Order US Weekly Magazine at PCH

Order Star Magazine at PCH Order People Magazine at PCH

If celebrity gossip is more your thing, don’t worry! We also have all the hot celebrity titles like People, Star, and US Weekly check them out for yourself in the “Top Titles” tab. I always say they’re just what you need for a casual beach read!

Order Family Handyman Magazine at PCH

Summer is also a great time to get all those pesky home improvements and repairs done. And with Family Handyman magazine on hand, they’ll be A LOT less pesky! This magazine is FULL of advice that will help all your household fix-its go smoother. Take a peek at our “Men’s Interests” tab for more information!

Order Southern Living Magazine at PCH

But my personal favorite magazine for summer has to be Southern Living Magazine. I love to garden and grill – and this magazine has everything you need for both of those. Great gardening tips, yummy grilling recipes – you name it, Southern Living has it!

Order Travel & Leisure Magazine at PCH Order Backpacker Magazine at PCH

Perhaps you want to plan the trip of a lifetime. Why not try Travel and Leisure? Look for it under our “Travel/Regional” tab. Or maybe a camping trip is more your style…well then Backpacker would be a great choice for you! Check it out in the “Auto and Sports” tab.

WHATEVER you like to do, I promise we have a magazine that will help you enjoy it more!  So remember, you can order my personal favorite – Southern Living magazine – and over 100 more popular magazines online at PCH — the best place to do ALL your magazine shopping!

Have a great summer and happy shopping everyone!

Donna Z

Donna Z.
Senior Account Executive, Publisher Relations

P.S. What’s your favorite magazine to read in the summer? Comment below!

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