Introducing “Double The Cash” – $10,000 A Week For Life!

It’s the kind of prize that really GROWS on you. What does that mean? All I can say is if you thought $5,000 A Week For Life was a sweet deal, wait till you hear what we have in store now!

Announcing our new PCH “Double The Cash” Prize Event — $10,000 A Week For Life!

PCH Double the Cash $10,000 A Week For Life

That’s right. Our newest SuperPrize could be twice as nice for our lucky winner!

We’re giving you a never-before chance to win $10,000 A Week For Life — that’s DOUBLE our standard $5,000 A Week For Life prize! This November 25th Special Early Look Prize Event is the first time ever for this prize amount, and it’s our largest weekly lifetime prize ever offered!

Now that’s something to celebrate! And something to really think about! Imagine checks for $10,000 in your name delivered every week for the rest of your life! Think of how much easier that would make your life — and how much easier that would make it to balance your budget! No more financial worries for the rest of your life would be a dream come true!

We’ll be taking a Special Early Look to see if we have a winner, so now is the time to start getting those entries in.  Head over to to get started!

Keep the faith and keep your eye on winning with every entry opportunity that comes your way! The Prize Patrol could surprise you with $10,000 A Week For Life, DOUBLE our standard $5,000 A Week For Life prize, this November 25th!

Good Luck!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.

P.S. Let us know what you think about our “Double The Cash” Prize Event in the comments section below!

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