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NEW “Double The Cash” PCH TV Commercials!

Isn’t DOUBLE just better?! Well, here at PCH – we think so! That’s why we introduced a brand-new SuperPrize called “Double The Cash”! That’s right…we DOUBLED the standard $5,000 A Week For Life and made it $10,000 A Week For Life! Yes, you heard it right, $10,000 A Week For Life! Think of all the possibilities!

To give our new Special Early Look Prize Event all the glory and fame it so deserves, we’re airing NEW PCH TV commercials! You can catch them on TV between October 13th and October 24th! And we’re giving you a special look right here on the blog, too:


What did you think of the commercials? Did you happen to recognize some of our recent winners? Like Jodie Taylor, recent PCHlotto winner of $10,000! And what about Philip Daltas who won $1 Million on 8/28/14? Who knows, maybe on November 25th, YOU could experience a winning moment quite like theirs! But first you have to ENTER! It’s never the wrong time to enter the sweepstakes! So do it now, do it tomorrow, do it every single day you can! You could just win DOUBLE THE CASH!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

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