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PCH Florida Winner

How’s this for irony?  Last week while Ralph Patino was doing business (not gambling) in Las Vegas, the money-winning capital of the U. S., the PCH Prize Patrol was knocking at the door of his home in Miramar, FL, trying to award him a Big Check – for $100,000.00!  Alas, no one was home.

A woman nearby told us that Ralph had relatives in the area who might help us find him.  Alas again: the relative we found, Ralph’s brother Carlos, was mighty suspicious and refused to open his door to see the roses, balloons, champagne and Big Check.  Finally, however, he changed his mind after this woman phoned him and said “This is for real!  I recognize the Prize Patrol from TV!  You better open the door!”

One look at us and the Big Check – with the name “Ralph Patino” in big block letters – convinced Carlos, “Yep: this is the real thing.”

PCH Florida Winner's Family

The Prize Patrol has been known to drive two or three hours away to personally award a prize to the rightful winner.  But driving the Prize Patrol van to Vegas would have taken over 40 hours – not counting rest stops.  Instead, Carlos assembled his wife and mom and dad for an impromptu award ceremony and a phone conversation (with corroborating cell-phone photos) with an audibly tearful Ralph in faraway Vegas.

It turned out that the $100,000 prize was an answer to prayer.  Several downturns in Ralph’s personal fortunes in recent years had left him in financial hardship.  All Ralph could say over and over again was “You can’t imagine … This is just awesome, awesome. And thank you, thank you, thank you.”

Congratulations Ralph!  Enjoy it!

Now, you blog readers:  This is a story that is absolutely true, and it’s a dream story that could come true for you too.  In fact, you could win a prize that’s EVEN BIGGER than Ralph’s:  $10,000 a week for life!

So don’t waste a minute:  Enter the PCH Sweepstakes today and every day – and our next big winner could be YOU!

Wishing you the best of luck.


Dave Sayer

Prize Patrol Ambassador
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  1. I wish Prize Patrol to come to my home at Las Vegas NV #####..PCH WINNING IT ROUL BE A LIFE CHANGE FOR ME OK WO ISLD HELP FAMILIES WE HO NEED HELP SINCE COVID OR ANY FINANCIALLY DISTRAUGHT.I KNOW I AM …NEXT MON TO I WILL LOOSE MY HOUSE IF I DONT COME UP WITH $5000. MY RENT IS PASS DUE WITH LATE FEES LAWYER COURT FEE AS NO WAY CAN I GET THAT $..MONEY…I HAVE NO FAMILY HERE…JUST FRIENDS..I LOST MH JOB WHEN DOING COURT HESRING SO,. MISSED D AYS. FO RE MAIN WATER BROKE andbig winds Blowed Downey my carport ..I missed days at work that I WORKD 5 years for in was 84% and not 85%. I was fired from precision Opinion/doing COVID immunization research studies..I need prize patrol to bring good luck to me and my home so I can help others I’m in to win it!