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Travel vacation

As a longtime PCH Prize Patrol’er, I do a lot of traveling.  And let’s face it: if I didn’t enjoy it I would have been an unhappy camper for the last 30+ years.  But I truly love traveling.  As a result I get multiple emails every day from tour companies, airlines, cruise ships and travel websites.  The offers and photos are tantalizing.  If only I had enough money to plunk down and fly around the world to all these exciting destinations.  Alas, I do not.

Maybe you’re “in the same boat.”  You’d love to travel widely but don’t have a large enough bank account.

Maybe you’d like to visit the wondrous capitals of Europe or the exotic sights of Asia and Africa.  Perhaps a cruise to tropical ports would be more to your liking.  Or maybe a spiffy new car would allow you to take a carefree drive to faraway family.  Or maybe a comfy RV would satisfy your wanderlust.  Well, the possibilities are endless.  Whatever your travel preference, a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House could be just the ticket!

Love to travel

Just imagine … the financial freedom of being able to drop everything and follow that dream wherever you’d like to go.

Before long the Prize Patrol will get its next travel assignment.  Where will we be headed?  Someplace new?  North?  South?  East?  West? Who knows?  We won’t know until the last minute.  But it could be your door!

Dream vacation

But before you start making exciting travel plans like I’ve been talking about, first things first!  You’ve got to enter the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes!  Enter today and every day at

With some luck we may be traveling to your front door – and then you yourself can pack your bags and take off!

Dave Sayer
Prize Patrol Ambassador
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